Stacker sweepers

GRÜNIG attachable sweepers for forklift trucks can handle all kinds of materials such as fine dust, leaves, wood, glass, metal and paper waste as well as large lumps of dirt. Our high-quality sweepers made in Germany achieve this thanks to their unique sweeping technology.

Fields of application

Grünig forklift sweepers for highest performance requirements in uncomplicated, professional use

All GRÜNIG sweepers for forklift trucks stand out from the competition due to their essential product features.

Die Kehrmaschine Kehrfuchs

The GSX model

GSX series mounted sweeper, comfort version with integrated dirt container, full encapsulation and automatic sweeper roller adjustment. For attachment to forklift trucks, wheel loaders, construction machinery, tractors and many other carrier vehicles.

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The GSE model

The GSE dirt collection sweeper is driven by its own wheels and therefore no hydraulic connection to the carrier vehicle is required!
The two rear wheels drive a high performance hydraulic pump which ensures the hydraulic drive of the sweeping roller and optional side brush. The mounted sweeper has an integrated dirt container, full encapsulation and automatic sweeper roller adjustment.

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Beispiel für Anbaukehrmaschine
Der Uni-Truck mit Kehrmaschine

The GSV model

Dirt collecting sweeper, comfort version with removable dirt container, for mounting on your forklift, wheel loader or other carrier vehicles. Extremely powerful, even with problematic, large-volume swept material such as leaves, polystyrene and paper, increased dirt container filling level due to overhead sweeping principle.

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The GSB model

Dirt collecting sweeper with integrated dirt container, dirt container volume approx. 240 litres, maintenance-free hydraulic drive and adjustable sweeping roller.

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Beispiel für Anbaukehrmaschine

Product features and advantages of Grünig forklift sweepers

  • solid construction

  • fully hydraulic drive

  • favourable maintenance costs

  • automatic sweeper roller adjustment

  • efficient, powerful and economical cleaning

  • self-absorbing sweeping, and with or without removable dirt container

  • nearly dust-free working

  • Can be used even with extreme soiling or wetness

  • Thorough cleaning even in uneven ground

  • Connection to all common carrier vehicles

  • docked in seconds

  • no modifications to the carrier vehicle necessary

  • many optional extras possible

  • Durable and virtually maintenance-free construction

  • outstanding quality: “Made in Germany”

  • more powerful than vacuum sweepers

Fields of application for our forklift sweeping machines

Construction Sites - Grünig

Construction Sites

Material Trade - Grünig

Material Trade

Cement Works - Grünig

Cement Works

Chemie - Grünig


Roofing - Grünig


Service Providers- Grünig

Service Providers

Friedhofspflege - Grünig

Cemetery Maintenance

GaLaBau - Grünig

Groundcare and Landscaping

Beverages Industry - Grünig

Beverage Industry

Uni-Truck für Werkhof


Timber Yards - Grünig

Timber Yards

Industriebetrieb - Grünig


Kommunen - Grünig

Public Sector

Park Maintenance - Grünig

Park Maintenance

Recyclingindustrie - Grünig

Recycling Industry

Tierpark und Landwirtschaft - Grünig

Wildlife Parks and Farming

Paper and Pulp Industry - Grünig

Paper and Pulp Industry

Horse farm- Grünig

Horse Farm

Materialverarbeitung - Grünig

Metal Processing

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