Sweeper from GRÜNIG – the first choice in the concrete industry

Conditions in the concrete industry are tough when it comes to cleaning surfaces. Those who put their trust in a GRÜNIG sweeper are winners. Thanks to its pioneering sweeping technology, it masters all the challenges of cleaning concrete industry sites like no other.

  • Kehrmaschine Gabelstapler
  • Kehrmaschinenstapler GSX 2000
  • Kehrmaschine Betonwerk
  • Kehrmaschine hochentleerung
  • Kehrmaschinen für Beton
  • KF 1500
  • GSO 1500
  • GSE 1500

GRÜNIG: for uncompromising large-area cleaning

The most stubborn dirt and vast amounts of dust, which can only be removed efficiently with a robust professional sweeper, are the order of the day in the concrete industry. For this purpose, various GRÜNIG sweepers have been equipped with a special full encapsulation, which enables our machines to sweep up not only coarse but also very fine debris into the integrated dirt container without leaving any residue. Fine dust is collected without any disturbing swirling, which is a real advantage, especially in the concrete industry, but also in cement works, in the clay industry or in the production of slabs! Additionally equipped with an oscillating parallelogram suspension of the sweeping roller, GRÜNIG sweepers do not shy away from uneven surfaces, effortlessly picking up dirt from particularly hard-to-reach corners thanks to the optional side-mounted broom. And after cleaning is complete, the swept material can be conveniently disposed of in the appropriate waste containers using the lift function of the carrier vehicle. Professional cleaning of large areas in the concrete industry can be this simple, fast and efficient!

Sweeping Fox

Sweeping Machine GSO

Sweeping Machine GSE

Sweeping Machine GSX

Good reasons to choose a GRÜNIG sweeper for the concrete industry

  • excellent sweeping performance
  • “Made in Germany” quality
  • Ready for use at any time – even in extremely dirty and wet conditions
  • High emptying into containers possible
  • Solid construction, therefore extremely durable
  • easy to operate and manoeuvre
  • minimal maintenance requirements
  • low operating costs
  • attractive manufacturer price

The GRÜNIG product range at a glance

For large area cleaning in the concrete industry, we offer you different sweeping solutions that guarantee you excellent cleaning results: If you are looking for a “stand-alone” sweeper, we recommend our ride-on sweeper, the GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox. Incredibly manoeuvrable, easy to steer and with superior sweeping performance, this ride-on sweeper will fully meet your expectations. If you would like to convert a carrier vehicle, such as a wheel loader or forklift truck, into a sweeper when it is not in use, you will find the right mounted sweepers from us, which can be easily coupled to your carrier vehicles. Furthermore, our portfolio includes the multifunctional Uni-Uni-Truck, which, thanks to a wide range of various attachments, takes on a variety of different tasks – from sweeping to green area maintenance.

You need an individual sweeper for the concrete industry?

At GRÜNIG, we have made it our business to offer a powerful, hydraulic industrial sweeping solution for every need. If, despite our broad portfolio of sweepers, you cannot find the right one for your purpose, please let us know. Because: There is no requirement that we cannot meet thanks to our years of experience and our own production facilities. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. In close consultation with you, we will design individual customised products that meet your needs across the board – regardless of whether you need a professional sweeper for the concrete industry, for trade, crafts, agriculture or municipalities.