Efficient and robust sweeper for service providers

Not all sweepers are the same: in addition to excellent cleaning results, they should also be convincing in terms of maintenance, durability and operation. In addition, it must also be able to cope with uneven terrain and pick up bulky, wet and fine-grained debris. GRÜNIG sweepers meet all these requirements right down the line. So it’s no wonder that more and more service companies are putting their trust in the professional industrial sweepers from this German manufacturer. As a service provider, you too can rely on a “Made in Germany” sweeper from GRÜNIG for commercial maintenance and exterior cleaning of industrial and residential facilities!

  • GSV Laubkehrmaschine
  • Uni-Truck Kehrmaschine
  • Uni-Truck Kehrmaschine Streuer
  • Uni-Truck Rasenmäher
  • Uni-Truck Schneeschild

Professional sweeper from GRÜNIG reliably supports service providers

As a service provider entrusted with the maintenance and cleaning of residential and business premises, the satisfaction of your customers is naturally your top priority. With a GRÜNIG sweeper, you lay an excellent foundation for meeting your customers’ wishes. Why? Because GRÜNIG sweepers can do more than conventional models or vacuum sweepers. Regardless of whether the sweepings are wet, fine or coarse: a GRÜNIG sweeper picks up every type of sweeping material without residue. Equipped with an optional side brush, it removes leaves, sand, paper, glass, etc. even from hard-to-reach places, such as recessed rails or kerb corners. The sweepings collected in the spacious collection container can then be conveniently disposed of in higher waste containers via the lift mast of the carrier vehicle.

Another plus point of GRÜNIG is the specially developed full encapsulation, which ensures that the finest sweepings are picked up without annoying dust whirling up. But that is by no means all: solid and made of first-class materials, GRÜNIG sweepers also prove to be absolutely durable and low-maintenance, which is why they are ready for use in any wind and weather. These quality features are what make a GRÜNIG sweeper so indispensable for demanding service providers.

Sweeping Machine GSV

Sweeping Fox

Sweeping Machine GSO

Sweeping Machine GSX

Sweeping Machine GSW


Professional sweeping solutions for the satisfaction of your customers

With a GRÜNIG sweeper, service providers are making a good decision for their customers. Choose your “Made in Germany” sweeper from our versatile range now at a fair price-performance ratio. The GRÜNIG product portfolio includes:

  • The Uni-Truck multifunctional vehicle – thanks to its comprehensive range of attachments, this can provide professional support for service companies entrusted with the maintenance, upkeep and external cleaning of industrial and residential facilities, as well as public facilities, for a wide range of jobs that arise.
  • Attachments for various carrier vehicles – which can be coupled in seconds. In no time at all, existing carrier vehicles for grounds maintenance can be converted into sweepers, lawn mowers, winter maintenance equipment or all-terrain forklifts for transporting materials.
  • The GRÜNIG Kehr-Fuchs self-propelled ride-on sweeper – ideal when no carrier vehicle is available. The Sweeping Fox is characterised by precise and thorough cleaning combined with a large area performance and an enormous filling volume.
  • As a direct manufacturer with its own production facilities, GRÜNIG also implements special solutions on request that fully meet individual requirements.

GRÜNIG sweeper – service providers benefit from these advantages

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to the appearance and safety of residential and business premises. As a service provider, put your trust in a GRÜNIG sweeper and benefit from the following significant advantages of “Made in Germany” machines:

  • excellent cleaning results
  • “Made in Germany” quality
  • Ready for use at any time – even in extreme conditions
  • Practical high emptying possible
  • robust construction, low maintenance & durable
  • Fair manufacturer prices
  • intuitive operation
  • more powerful than vacuum sweepers.