Sweeper from GRÜNIG – ideal for the recycling industry

  • Aufsitzkehrmaschine Kehrfuchs
  • GSO Anbaukehrmaschine
  • GSV 1200 Kehrmaschine
  • GSW GSO 1500 Kehrmaschine
  • Kehrmaschine Holz

With a GRÜNIG sweeper, cleaning large areas in the recycling industry is a breeze. Each individual sweeper cleans extremely thoroughly and efficiently – even with extreme dirt accumulation and on wet or uneven terrain. This is made possible by GRÜNIG’s sophisticated sweeping technology, which easily outshines conventional vacuum sweepers. But it is not only the technical components that guarantee excellent cleaning results that speak for the German manufacturer GRÜNIG. The broad product range of different sweeping solutions is also convincing. GRÜNIG offers the right machine for every application.

Sweeping Fox

Sweeping Machine GSO


Sweeping Machine GSW

Sweeping Machine GSX

GRÜNIG sweeper programme at a glance

Attachable sweepers: They are the first choice when carrier vehicles are available in the company that are to be used optimally during their downtimes. Because a GRÜNIG mounted sweeper can be coupled to many common carrier vehicles, such as forklift trucks, in a matter of seconds. Time-consuming and complicated conversions? Certainly not with a GRÜNIG sweeper! Especially for the recycling industry, where both loose, voluminous sweepings such as paper and heavy or large sweepings such as earth, stones or pieces of wood have to be picked up, the use of a GRÜNIG mounted sweeper is recommended for cleaning.

GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox: This self-propelled ride-on sweeper is the ideal alternative for all companies in the recycling industry that do not have a free carrier vehicle. The Kehr-Fuchs ensures uncompromising cleaning in any wind and weather – both indoors and outdoors. Intuitive to control and easy to manoeuvre, the Sweeping Fox can be easily guided even by untrained hands. Thanks to its robust construction, it is also highly resistant to knocks.

Uni-Truck: This is a smart all-in-one solution. Equipped with an extensive range of different attachments, the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck is capable of mastering a multitude of different tasks in the field of large-scale cleaning and maintenance with flying colours.

These are the advantages of a GRÜNIG sweeper for the recycling industry

  • “Made in Germany” sweeping performance
  • Perfectly suited for heavy-duty use in the recycling industry
  • Ready for use even with extreme dirt, uneven floors & wetness
  • Even coarse sweepings or incrustations are reliably removed
  • Virtually dust-free operation even when sweeping the finest dusts
  • Extremely long service life with low maintenance requirements
  • High emptying into containers possible
  • intuitive operation
  • Extremely cheap to run
  • Fair in price

Get individual advice on GRÜNIG sweepers!

Take advantage of the decisive benefits that GRÜNIG offers you and ensure an attractive and safe company site with a GRÜNIG sweeper. It doesn’t matter whether your company is in the recycling industry, the chemical sector or the service sector: with GRÜNIG you can be sure that you will find the right machine for your individual needs. Simply contact us for comprehensive advice. You can reach us at +49 6253 20 234-0 or by e-mail. We look forward to your enquiry!