Versatile Equipment and Machinery for Zoos, Wildlife Parks and on the Farm

The GRÜNIG Uni-Truck quickly becomes indispensable in wildlife parks, stables, chicken farms and in agriculture thanks to its great versatility as a carrier vehicle.

  • GSV Laubkehrmaschine
  • Uni-Truck Heugreifer
  • Uni-Truck Schaufel Tierpark
  • Uni-Truck Stallentmistung Schaufel
  • Uni-Truck Schaufel

With the right GRÜNIG attachment it can be used to muck out stables with a shovel or the fork and hydraulic clamp for manure and hay transport, sweep paths and yards with an attachable sweeper, clear snow and ice with a snow plough blade, and much much more. The right attachment for the task at hand can be connected in a matter of seconds. Of course, the Uni-Truck can also be fitted with an attachable three-blade rotary mower to cut fresh green fodder for the livestock.

Thanks to its compact size, its low weight and its unparalleled maneuverability, the articulated, four wheel drive multi-function Uni-Truck is the perfect tool for working on soft and uneven ground and ideal for working in tight spaces.

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