High-class sweeper for the paper industry

Your company specialises in paper or pulp production and you are looking for a sweeper that is well equipped to meet the challenges of this industry? Welcome to GRÜNIG! As one of the leading German manufacturers with a long tradition in mechanical engineering, we offer you various high-performance sweeping solutions that are ideally suited for use in the paper industry and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Find out below what GRÜNIG machines have over other models and get an overview of our wide range of excellent sweeping solutions.

  • Aufsitzkehrmaschine Kehrfuchs
  • GSV 1200 Papierkehrmaschine
  • GSV Anbaukehrmaschine
  • GSW_GSO Frikehrmaschineradlader
  • Kehrmaschine Zettelmeyer

GRÜNIG sweepers make the difference

In the paper industry, loose, large-volume sweepings in particular accumulate. But small shreds and strips of paper that stubbornly settle in hard-to-reach places, as well as the finest cell fibre dust, are also part of everyday life. Professional cleaning therefore requires a sweeper that can handle a wide variety of debris without any problems. GRÜNIG is the first choice for this. GRÜNIG’s industrial and street sweepers are not only extremely thorough, but also have large dirt collection bins that can easily collect large quantities of paper residue. And since the dirt bin can be hydraulically unlocked or folded up, depending on the model, it is also extremely convenient to dispose of the swept material in an elevated container.

Another technical highlight of the GRÜNIG machines is the special full encapsulation. This innovative feature, specially developed by GRÜNIG, allows the finest cellulose fibres to be swept up without the annoying whirling up of dust. An optional side broom, which can be switched on and off as required in a flash on the GRÜNIG sweeper, also ensures that paper residues and cellulose fibres from hard-to-reach corners, uneven floors and along walls are picked up completely. You can even expect great things from a GRÜNIG sweeper in terms of operability and service life: it is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance thanks to its solid construction parts. This makes it a real asset in many respects when it comes to cleaning large areas – and not just for the paper industry, but for companies in a wide range of sectors that have the highest demands in terms of the cleanliness and safety of their premises.

Sweeping Machine GSW

Sweeping Machine GSV

Sweeping Machine GSX

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Sweeping Machine GSO

GRÜNIG sweeper: the first choice for the paper industry

No matter whether you are looking for a “stand-alone” ride-on sweeper, a multi-functional vehicle for carrying out a wide variety of tasks in the field of maintenance and cleaning of all kinds of surfaces, or whether you want to purchase an add-on sweeper for an existing carrier vehicle on your premises: At GRÜNIG you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for and benefit from the significant advantages of a “Made in Germany” sweeper that is virtually predestined for the paper industry. If you are not sure which of our sweeping solutions best meets your requirements, simply contact us for a personal consultation. We will be happy to help you!