Sweeping up in the Paper and Pulp Industry

The sturdy and powerful GRÜNIG snap-on attachment sweepers clean the premises, indoors and out, thoroughly and efficiently. They can be connected to a forklift or any other existing carrier vehicle in a matter of seconds, without the need for any conversion to the carrier vehicle.

  • Aufsitzkehrmaschine Kehrfuchs
  • GSV 1200 Papierkehrmaschine
  • GSV Anbaukehrmaschine
  • GSW_GSO Frikehrmaschineradlader
  • Kehrmaschine Zettelmeyer

Particularly for sweeping up light, high-volume debris such as paper or leaves, the GRÜNIG Jumbo GS-Vario attachment sweeper offers unsurpassed performance. Of course, ordinary waste, such as dust, rubble, wood, glass or metal debris, is
no problem for this sweeper either.

The GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox self-propelled ride-on sweeper is the perfect solution if there isn’t an existing carrier vehicle available. The Sweeping Fox, also available with a Jumbo sweeping unit, ensures accurate and thorough cleaning, combined with the ability to cover large areas and it has an enormous debris capacity.

Sweeping Machine GSW

Sweeping Machine GSV

Sweeping Machine GSX

Sweeping Fox

Sweeping Machine GSO