GRÜNIG sweeper: perfect for use in the metal industry

Your workshop premises are your business card. To make a good impression on customers and partners, regular and thorough cleaning is therefore indispensable. With a sweeper from the German manufacturer GRÜNIG, it is easy to ensure representatively clean surfaces in the metal industry. But the forward-looking sweeping technology is not the only thing that makes GRÜNIG sweepers stand out. Find out below why it is worth choosing a GRÜNIG sweeper, especially for cleaning large areas in the metal industry, and get an overview of our broad product portfolio.

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Convincing in many respects: GRÜNIG sweepers

In the metal industry, bulky, large debris in particular is the order of the day. But leaves also need to be swept up at the turn of the year. Sweepers bearing the GRÜNIG name have been designed to cope with any type of debris – whether metal or paper waste; whether rubble, wood or glass. However, using a GRÜNIG sweeper does not only guarantee excellent cleaning results. It also comes up trumps with the following significant advantages that put conventional sweepers for the metal industry in the shade:

  • uncompromising cleaning – even with heavy soiling
  • Solidly designed
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Easy to operate and extremely manoeuvrable
  • Equipped with a generous dirt collection container
  • Ready for use even on wet and uneven terrain
  • at fair manufacturer prices.

In addition, GRÜNIG sweepers are equipped with a special full encapsulation for sweeping up the finest debris without annoying dust whirling up.

Sweeping Machine GSX

Sweeping Fox

Sweeper for the metal industry: Get to know the GRÜNIG portfolio

The GRÜNIG product range of innovative sweeping solutions includes mounted sweepers, the self-propelled ride-on sweeper “Kehr-Fuchs”, the multi-functional vehicle Uni-Truck including attachments as well as individual special solutions and winter service equipment for mounting. For the metal industry, the GRÜNIG mounted sweepers and the Uni-Truck in particular have proven their worth.

GRÜNIG mounted sweepers:

They are the ideal solution if a carrier vehicle is already available in the company. With a GRÜNIG mounted sweeper, you can use carrier vehicles, such as a forklift truck, effectively when they are not in use and benefit from a powerful sweeper for little money. All it takes is a few simple steps to couple the attachments to the carrier vehicle.
Thanks to the extensive range of different models, you are sure to quickly find the right one for your carrier vehicle!

GRÜNIG Uni-Truck:

The Uni-Truck is a powerful, compact and extremely manoeuvrable multifunctional vehicle that impresses with its wide range of applications. With the necessary attachments, it can be converted in seconds into a small and skilful forklift truck, a shovel loader, a sweeper or even a winter maintenance machine. Best of all, by attaching pallet forks to the standard lift mast, the all-wheel drive Uni-Truck can already be used as an all-terrain forklift for material transport in the basic version. It transports material safely and reliably in the tightest of conditions. With its small external dimensions and not least due to its articulated pendulum joint, it easily gets through narrow aisles as well as through the gates and doors of the workshop – perfect for the metal industry!

Let us advise you individually!

We at GRÜNIG can look back on a long company history and therefore have a wealth of experience when it comes to sweepers and their perfect application requirements. We are happy to put this knowledge at your disposal to help you choose the optimum sweeper for your application from our range – regardless of whether your business is in the metal industry or in other sectors. So feel free to contact us without any obligation.