Sweepers for Timber Yards

GRÜNIG snap-on attachment sweepers have built a reputation for being sturdy and powerful with a wide variety of carrier vehicles in the timber trade.

  • Aufsitzkehrmaschine Kehr-Fuchs
  • GSO Anbaukehrmaschinen Radlader
  • Kehrmaschinengabelstapler GSX 200
  • Kehrmaschine GSX Volvo
  • Kehrmaschine Zolz GSX

They have hydraulic drive and can be attached to an existing carrier vehicle such as a forklift, a wheel loader or a tractor, in seconds. During idle time, existing vehicles, such as a wheel loader used in a sawmill, can make themselves really useful by cleaning and sweeping up bits of wood.

GRÜNIG snap-on attachment sweepers
with debris containers can handle bulky waste such as bits of wood, stones, mud and rubble as well as dust, shavings, sand, glass, metal and paper waste.

The GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox self-propelled ride-on sweeper is the perfect solution if there isn’t an existing carrier vehicle available. The Sweeping Fox ensures accurate and thorough cleaning, combined with the ability to cover large areas and it has an enormous debris capacity.

Sweeping Fox

Sweeping Machine GSO

Sweeping Machine GSX

Sweeping Machine GSW