Uni-Truck System - Grünig Uni-Truck Discover the variety of the multifunctional Uni-Truck system! Kehr-Fuchs - Grünig Sweeping Fox the robust self-propelled sweeper for highest cleaning performance! Anbau-Kehrmaschinen - Grünig Attachment sweepers can be coupled in seconds to forklifts, wheel loaders, tractors, municipal vehicles or almost any other carrier vehicle. Anbau-Winterdienst - Grünig Snap-on Winter Equipment a wide range of equipment for mounting on carrier vehicles Sonderanfertigungen - Grünig Custom built Equipment GRÜNIG gladly realizes customer wishes and engineers custom built solutions
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Sweepers and multifunctional vehicles “Made in Germany”

If you expect more than the average when it comes to sweepers and multifunctional vehicles, you will make a good decision with products from GRÜNIG. As a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we enjoy the original “Made in Germany” reputation in the world – a quality feature that will pay off for you.

Setting new standards: All-purpose and sweeping machines from the manufacturer GRÜNIG

Powerful, efficient, solidly constructed, universally applicable and particularly low-maintenance: These are the main features of the sweepers and multifunctional vehicles from the manufacturer GRÜNIG. Our sweeping technology product families include …

  • Attachable sweepers: Whether you need a sweeper for your forklift, tractor or wheel loader – GRÜNIG attachable sweepers can be coupled to different carrier vehicles in a flash.
  • Sweeper “Kehr-Fuchs”: extremely manoeuvrable, powerful ride-on sweeper that picks up even the most stubborn dirt – whether leaves, wood, glass or paper waste – completely and is particularly easy to handle.
  • Multi-functional vehicles: easy-to-operate “Uni-Truck” basic unit with all-wheel drive, which can be adapted to the respective application requirement in seconds with the corresponding GRÜNIG “Uni-Truck” attachment. Your GRÜNIG “Uni-Truck” is a winter maintenance machine, excavator, compact forklift and much more in one!
  • Attachable winter service equipment: robust snow blowers as well as snow blades specially designed for attachment to forklift trucks, wheel loaders, tractors and Unimogs.
  • individual custom-made products: tailor-made solutions that fully meet our customers’ requirements.

Uni-Truck System


Attachment Sweeper

Anbau Winterdienstgeräte Grünig

Attachment Snow Removal Equipment

Sonderanfertigungen Grünig

Custom built Equipment

Sweepers and multifunctional vehicles “Made in Germany” for every industry

Countless companies from a wide range of industries as well as municipalities already use our sweepers to keep their premises or roads and public spaces free of dirt of any kind – and with great success! Convince yourself of our state-of-the-art sweeping technology products “Made in Germany” – whether mounted or ride-on sweeper. However, our product range includes much more than high-quality equipment systems for grounds maintenance. For example, the GRÜNIG multi-functional vehicle “Uni-Truck” offers you a wide range of possibilities: shovels, snow shovels or forklift forks – thanks to the matching “Uni-Truck” attachments, it’s easy!

Construction Sites - Grünig

Construction Sites

Material Trade - Grünig

Material Trade

Cement Works - Grünig

Cement Works

Chemie - Grünig


Roofing - Grünig


Service Providers- Grünig

Service Providers

Friedhofspflege - Grünig

Cemetery Maintenance

GaLaBau - Grünig

Groundcare and Landscaping

Beverages Industry - Grünig

Beverage Industry

Uni-Truck für Werkhof


Timber Yards - Grünig

Timber Yards

Industriebetrieb - Grünig


Kommunen - Grünig

Public Sector

Park Maintenance - Grünig

Park Maintenance

Recyclingindustrie - Grünig

Recycling Industry

Tierpark und Landwirtschaft - Grünig

Wildlife Parks and Farming

Paper and Pulp Industry - Grünig

Paper and Pulp Industry

Horse farm- Grünig

Horse Farm

Materialverarbeitung - Grünig

Metal Processing

News about sweepers, multifunctional vehicles, attachments and custom built equipment


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