• GSB 1500
  • GSX 2000
  • GSV 1200
  • GSE 1500

Sweepers with Debris Container

Attachment Sweeper

With a GRÜNIG attachement sweeper with debris container the waste is transported into the integrated collection container just by driving over it. The debris collected in the integrated debris container, can be emptied directly into a high garbage container by using the lifting mast of the carrier vehicle.

The parallelogram brush suspension ensures thorough cleaning, even on uneven surfaces. The fully encapsulated sweeping unit for dust reduction, ensures that the operation is practically dust-free. An optional water spraying unit also prevents dust from rising even from the gutter brush area. The gutter brush removes dirt and even weeds from edges.

Thanks to the extremely robust construction and the logically structured equipment, GRÜNIG sweepers are durable and very service friendly machines with minimal maintenance requirements, which work reliably and thoroughly in all weather conditions.
More powerful cleaning by sweeping rather than suction sweeping.
Anbaukehrmaschine GSX 2400 in Aktion

GSX Model

The Attachment Sweeper of the GSX model series have a comfort version with integrated debris container, full encapsulation and automatic sweeper roller adjustment. For mounting on forklift trucks, wheel loaders, construction machinery, tractors and many other carrier vehicles.

GSB Model

The Attachment Sweeper of the GSB model series with inegrated debris container

GSB 1500
GSV 1200

GSV Models

The Attachment Sweeper of  the GSV model series with inegrated debris container

GSE Models

The Attachment Sweeper of the GSE model series with inegrated debris container

GSe 1500