Sweeping in the beverage industry

In addition to the usual soiling on a company premises, the beverage industry in particular is quickly experiencing a major mishap with a lot of broken glass. The GRÜNIG attachment sweeper with debris container cleans all kind of smaller and bigger incidents in no time

  • Aufsitzkehrmaschine
  • GSV 1500 Kehrmaschine
  • GSX 1500 Kehrmaschine
  • Kehrmaschinen Gabelstapler
  • Kehrmaschinen Stapler GSX

Of course, GRÜNIG sweepers are also ideally suited to clearing up other kinds of dirt and debris too.

The sturdy and powerful GRÜNIG snap-on attachment sweepers clean the whole premises quickly, thoroughly and practically dust-free. They have hydraulic drive and can be transformed into a forklift or wheel loader in seconds, without the need for any conversion to the carrier vehicle.

GSE 1500

Sweeping Machine GSE

Sweeping Fox

GSO 1500

Sweeping Machine GSO

Multi-purpose vehicle GRÜNIG Uni-Truck


GSX 2000

Sweeping Machine GSX

GSW Uni-Truck

Sweeping Machine GSW