GRÜNIG sweeper – ideally suited for the beverage industry

In addition to the usual soiling on a company’s premises, despite all precautionary measures, major mishaps with a lot of broken glass – and thus also puddles – occur from time to time, especially in the beverage industry. If you want to ensure cleanliness and safety here, you should preferably invest in a sweeper that can easily meet these challenges. This is where GRÜNIG comes into play. Thanks to innovative sweeping technology, the “Made in Germany” sweepers from GRÜNIG are not only capable of sweeping up glass and shards – they also pick up wet sweepings without leaving any residue. This is where the great potential that a GRÜNIG sweeper has to offer the beverage industry becomes apparent. But this is by no means the only advantage that distinguishes the German manufacturer’s models. Furthermore, they are …

  • Aufsitzkehrmaschine
  • GSV 1500 Kehrmaschine
  • GSX 1500 Kehrmaschine
  • Kehrmaschinen Gabelstapler
  • Kehrmaschinen Stapler GSX
  • Particularly durable
  • Extremely low-maintenance and inexpensive to run
  • Ready for use at any time
  • easy to manoeuvre (also for beginners)
  • fair in price.

Sweeping Machine GSE

Sweeping Fox

Sweeping Machine GSO


Sweeping Machine GSX

Sweeping Machine GSW

The perfect solution for the beverage industry: GRÜNIG mounted sweeper

One of the most important pieces of equipment in the beverage industry is indisputably the forklift truck. But did you know that your industrial truck can do even more? With a GRÜNIG add-on sweeper, you can convert your forklift truck into a sweeper in just a few simple steps and without complicated modifications to the carrier vehicle. In this way you use your vehicle effectively during its downtimes and at the same time save the high purchase costs for a “stand-alone” machine. Take a look at our versatile range of different attachments – GRÜNIG has the right solution for almost every common carrier vehicle. You can also take advantage of the principle of maintaining one carrier vehicle for several purposes with the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck: The Uni-Truck base vehicle has an extensive range of diverse attachments to master a number of different tasks in the field of large area cleaning and maintenance.

If you are looking for a self-propelled ride-on sweeper for the beverage industry, you should consider the GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox. It is extremely manoeuvrable and easy to handle even for novice drivers – and of course you can rely on the excellent cleaning results that all GRÜNIG sweepers achieve.

GRÜNIG sweeper: a real asset for the beverage industry

In the beverage industry, it cannot always be ruled out that a glass bottle will break now and then and spread its contents on the floor of the factory or warehouse. With a GRÜNIG sweeper, however, the traces of this accident quickly disappear again! If you are interested in one of our machines, simply get in touch with us. In the course of a detailed consultation, we will be happy to support you in choosing the right model for your needs from our wide range of products.