Multifunctional equipment for construction industry

The powerful, compact and manoeuvrable GRÜNIG Uni-Truck impresses with its wide range of applications and its professional mode of operation even in confined spaces. Equipped with the necessary attachments for each application, the multi-functional vehicle becomes a small and skilful forklift truck, a shovel loader, a sweeper or even a winter service vehicle in a matter of seconds.

  • Kehrmaschinen Gabelstapler
  • Uni-Truck Aufhänger
  • Uni-Truck Schaufelsteine
  • Uni-Truck Stapler Metallcontainer

By attaching pallet forks to the standard lifting mast, even the basic model of the four wheel drive Uni-Truck can be used as an all-terrain forklift for material transport. It transports all kinds of materials safely and reliably, even over difficult and uneven ground. Thanks to its compact design and its articulated, oscillating center pivot chassis it can get through tight corridors, gates and workshop doors without any problems. The Uni-Truck itself can simply be transported using an ordinary car trailer. No problem!

GRÜNIG snap-on attachment sweepers can be attached to an existing carrier vehicle in a matter of seconds, for instance to a tractor or a forklift.

These sturdy, low-maintenance sweepers ensure thorough cleaning, even of very dirty surfaces.

GSV 1200

Sweeping Machine GSV

Sweeping Fox

Multi-purpose vehicle GRÜNIG Uni-Truck


GSX 2000

Sweeping Machine GSX

GSO 1500

Sweeping Machine GSO

GSB 1500

Sweeping Machine GSB