GRÜNIG Industriemaschinen GmbH is a medium sized machinery and vehicle manufacturer located in Fürth/Erlenbach in the Odenwald, about 70 kilometers south of Frankfurt, Germany. This is where GRÜNIG’s factory and production facilities are located, where GRÜNIG’s products are made in highest quality standards and sent to the four corners of the earth.

Based on the long experience of GRÜNIG employees, their professional attitude and strong identification with the company and its products, GRÜNIG has accumulated a wealth of know how. This is the driving force for GRÜNIG’s growth on all markets.

The dynamic and innovative philosophy at GRÜNIG, high quality workmanship and flexible delivery options have allowed GRÜNIG earn its reputation as a rapidly growing company with a strong future. Our exports business profits from the long German tradition of mechanical engineering and the “Made in Germany” seal of quality.

The GRÜNIG product range encompasses the following categories:

Attachable and self-propelled sweeping machines
GRÜNIG sweeping machines are characterized by their powerful and sturdy design combined with high efficiency and effectiveness in use. Our competitors envy us for our leading position in the market. Our large customer base assures our long-term success and growth.

GRÜNIG Uni-Truck multi-purpose vehicle
There has long been a call for such a sturdy, powerful and versatile system for heavy duty groundcare. Our wide range of attachments for the Uni-Truck includes sweeping machines, lawn and grass care machines, snow clearing equipment, shovels, forklift forks, pavement clamps and much much more. The versatility of this all-terrain articulated four wheel drive vehicle with hydrostatic transmission is sure to thrill!

Attachable snow clearing equipment
This line of accessories includes snow plough blades, snow sweepers, snow blowers and centrifugal salt and grit spreaders for attachment to any forklift truck, wheel loader, tractor, utility truck or other carrier vehicle. These tools are characterized by their sturdiness and reliability, making them ideally suited to customization to meet individual requirements to suit your forklift or construction machinery.

Custom built machinery
We are happy to meet customers’ individual requirements, and thanks to our flexibility we can do so at very attractive prices, producing innovative solutions that meet these requirements while of course maintaining the high quality on which GRÜNIG’s reputation is built.

The long German tradition of mechanical engineering, combined with the dynamic and innovative philosophy at GRÜNIG and streamlined administrative procedures, is your guarantee for excellent design, unmatched workmanship, unrivalled value for money and superior customer service.

Our production facilities in Germany allow us to rapidly implement product innovations, producing sturdy, high quality products in the long German tradition of mechanical engineering while utilizing state of the art manufacturing technology.

GRÜNIG was founded in 1987 by Ingfried Grünig, who holds masters degrees in industrial engineering and in management, who remains GRÜNIG’s Chief Executive Officer, together with Egbert Fischer, GRÜNIG’s Director of Sales.

GRÜNIG Industriemaschinen GmbH
Paul-Joseph-Strasse 12-19
D-64658 Fürth/Erlenbach (Odw.)
Tel. +49 (0)6253 20 234-10
Fax +49 (0)6253 5100