• Hubgabel für Trägerfahrzeug
  • Hubgabel für Trägerfahrzeug

Granulate and salt spreader for mounting on your carrier vehicle

Are you on the lookout for modern and powerful equipment that will effectively support you in professional winter maintenance? If you decide on a salt spreader from GRÜNIG, you will benefit in several ways: On the one hand, with GRÜNIG you will not only ensure that paths and driveways are safe to walk on during the dark season, but you will also avoid having to purchase an often expensive stand-alone machine for winter maintenance. GRÜNIG’s granulate and salt spreaders are smartly designed attachments that are compatible with almost all common carrier vehicles – the smart choice if you have a carrier vehicle on your premises. With an add-on salt spreader, you can use it effectively during its downtimes!

Optional Equipment to Salt / Grit Spreader:

Stir for spreading Salt

GRÜNIG Snap-On Snow Equipment can be attached to a wide range of carrier vehicles.

GRÜNIG Snap-On Adapters

Snap-On Adapter for Forklifts and Wheel-Loaders with Pallet Forks
mounting adapter for attaching the snow blade, sweeping machine or Salt/Granulation Spreader  to the pallet forks of a forklift or wheel-loader.

Snap-On Adapter for Quick-Change Coupler of a Wheel-Loader available for wheel-loaders of almost any make and model.

Snap-On Adapter for Front-Triangle of Tractors (Category 0)
standard tractor triangle for front attachment of a snow blade, spreader or snow blower

Snap-On Adapter for Front-Triangle of Tractors (Category 1-3)
standard tractor triangle for front attachment of a snow blade, spreader or snow blower

Snap-On Adapter for Front/Rear Three-Point Hitch of Tractors
for front or rear mounting of a snow blade, sweeping machine or Salt/Granulation Spreader to the three-point hitch of a tractor

Snap-On Adapter for Front-Attachment to an Unimog
for the front mounting of a of a snow blade, sweeping machine or Salt/Granulation Spreader  to an Unimog

Hydraulic – Lifting – Unit for Unimog
lifting height appr. 50 cm, for lifts the Grünig Snow  Removal Equipment up to transport

Please contact us, if other special mounting adapters are required.

hydraulic drive, adjustable pendulum provides highly accurate output across swaths approximately 1 – 9 m wide, hopper volume appr. 260 L, includes hydraulic stir, without mounting adapter for the carrier vehicle

  • Snow Clearing

With these GRÜNIG attachments, winter can come quietly!

Unrestricted walking and driving safety on paths, squares and driveways – even at the lowest temperatures? It’s easy with GRÜNIG winter maintenance attachments! So you can face the white wonder of winter with complete peace of mind, and also enjoy the following quality features that distinguish every single GRÜNIG salt spreader:

  • Quality made in Germany
  • Mounted effortlessly on the carrier vehicle
  • Attractive manufacturer prices
  • Intuitive operation from the carrier vehicle
  • robust and durable
  • low maintenance.

If you are looking for other attachments to make winter maintenance easier, you will also find high-quality snow sweepers for attachment and robust snow ploughs in the GRÜNIG product range.

GRÜNIG offers the right salt spreader for almost every carrier vehicle – including yours!

The original GRÜNIG salt spreaders can be coupled to virtually any carrier vehicle. If you are still unsure whether the GRÜNIG salt spreader is actually suitable for your existing tractor, wheel loader or Unimog, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right salt spreader from our wide range of products. So please feel free to contact us – by e-mail or via our contact form. We look forward to your enquiry. By the way: If you are looking for attachments for winter maintenance that are compatible with the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck, you will find the right models here: GRÜNIG attachments for the Uni-Truck.