Sweeping Fox – innovative ride-on sweeper of the latest generation

When it comes to professional and efficient large-scale cleaning of public spaces and company grounds, conventional sweepers – especially vacuum sweepers – are no match for the GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox. Powered by a quiet 3-cylinder diesel engine, this ride-on sweeper picks up fine dust just as completely as large and coarse lumps of dirt. Thanks to the side brushes, all corners and edges are swept out effortlessly. This self-propelled sweeper also reliably removes wet sweepings. The Sweeping Fox is even perfectly equipped for cleaning uneven ground thanks to the oscillating parallelogram suspension of the sweeping roller.

The GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox is available in working widths of 1.20, 1.50 and 2.00 metres.

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    The self-propelled sweeper for virtually dust-free operation

    As an innovative, self-propelled professional ride-on sweeper, the Sweeping Fox not only cleans extremely thoroughly, but also almost dust-free: fine dust is swept up cleanly into the integrated, generously sized dirt container without disturbing dust formation. The optional water spray device has an additional dust-binding effect.

    Easy to handle and incredibly manoeuvrable: Professional sweeping machine Sweeping Fox

    In addition to its cleaning performance that is hard to beat, the autonomous professional sweeper Kehr-Fuchs is characterised by its intuitive controls. The simple handling with only one accelerator pedal for forward and reverse travel makes it possible for even inexperienced drivers to operate the Sweeping Fox precisely. Another technical highlight is the lifting mast, which allows the dirt collection container to be emptied directly into higher refuse containers. Particularly manoeuvrable, even the most demanding terrain is no challenge for the Sweeping Fox – precise manoeuvring is possible even in the most confined spaces.

    GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox: robust, low-maintenance hydraulic sweeper

    At GRÜNIG, the best materials have always gone hand in hand with the highest technical know-how. The forward-looking sweeping technology from GRÜNIG is also demonstrated by our hydraulic sweeper Kehr-Fuchs. It impresses above all with its robust and durable construction, which makes it insensitive to operating errors and jostling. Moreover, it is extremely weatherproof and low-maintenance, making the Kehr-Fuchs ride-on sweeper an extremely service-friendly machine.

    Professional sweeper “Made in Germany” at an unrivalled price-performance ratio

    The unsurpassed performance features as well as the unrivalled price-performance ratio make the GRÜNIG ride-on sweeper Kehr-Fuchs an economical solution for all areas where efficient cleaning of large areas is required. You too can benefit from the high performance potential of this professional sweeper!

    Kehr-Fuchs: the self-propelled sweeper that does more than the standard

    Product features of the self-propelled Sweeping Fox ride-on sweeper:

    • High sweeping capacity.
    • Can be used even in very dirty or even wet conditions.
    • Can cope with bulky and heavy debris and encrusted dirt, leaving a clean finish.
    • Even cleans thoroughly on uneven ground.
    • Operates practically dust-free.
    • Provides high dump option for emptying into containers.
    • Very sturdy and resilient design.
    • Hydraulically operated, rear-wheel steering and a tight turning radius.
    • Simple to operate.
    • Hydrostatic transmission provides infinitely variable transmission.
    • Extremely low-maintenance.
    • Highly economical operation.
    • Top quality “Made in Germany”
    • Providing unrivalled value for money.

    Technical Details

    Sweeping Fox 1200Sweeping Fox 1500Sweeping Fox 2000
    Width without side broom2950 mm2950 mm2950 mm
    Height (without rotating light)1690 mm1990 mm2490 mm
    Inside turning radius innen1550 mm1850 mm2350 mm
    SteeringRear steeringRear steeringRear steering
    Unladen weight (without additional equipment)1010 kg1080 kg1200 kg
    Discharge height1,4/1,8 m1,4/1,8 m1,4/1,8 m
    Engine Performance14 kW14 kW14 kW
    Max. Speed10 km10 km10 km
    ImpellerRear wheelRear WheelRear Wheel
    Voltage12 Volt12 Volt12 Volt
    Working Width without side broom1200 mm1500 mm2000 mm
    Working Width with 1 side broom1550 mm1850 mm2350 mm
    Working Width with 2 side brooms1900 mm2200 mm2700m
    Max. theoretical sweeping capacity with 2 side brushes19.000 qm/Std.22.000 qm/Std.27.000 qm/Std.
    Debris Container240 Litre260 Litre305 Litre
    Roller Sweeper diameter600mm600mm600mm

    The Sweeping Fox can handle extremely fine particles, leaves, wood, glass, metal and paper waste just as well as large items of debris, even whole cobble stones. This is thanks to its unique sweeping mechanism, which is far superior to those with suction material collectors.

    Available special accessories for the Sweeping Fox:
    Increased emptying height for container emptying
    Excavation height approx. 1.80 m (instead of standard 1.40 m)

    Equipping the diesel engine with a special oil-wetted air filter
    required for very dusty areas of application (e.g. cement dust)

    Exhaust gas catalyst for diesel engine
    for the use of the Sweeping Fox indoors

    Front wheels made of solid foam material
    instead of pneumatic tires, for use with sharp-edged sweepings, e.g. scrap yard use, sweeping metal splinters, glass/construction waste, etc.

    Driver protection roof

    driver’s cabin

    cab heater

    suspended driver’s seat

    street lighting

    TÜV road approval
    incl. TüV individual inspection, delivery complete with vehicle registration certificate and operating permit for the hydrostatic brake

    UVV testing incl. test book

    Work lights (consisting of two front headlamps)

    rotating beacon

    Available additional functions for the Sweeping Fox:

    Jumbo version of the Sweeping Fox – for extremely large dirt volumes
    almost doubled filling level of the dirt container due to overhead sweeping principle, extremely powerful even with problematic and large-volume sweepings such as leaves or paper, already includes hydraulic emptying of the dirt container

    Side brush right or left
    for all Sweeping-Fox models, sweeping diameter approx. 750 mm, separately switchable, adjustable speed, with hydraulic drive of its own

    water spraying device
    for all Sweeping Fox models, operated with electric pump, spray bar with fine atomizing nozzles, incl. 100 litre water tank

    Hydraulic operation of the emptying mechanism
    for convenient opening of the dirt container instead of the standard cable emptying system (included with the Jumbo version)

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