Maneuverable all-terrain Forklifts, Shovel Loaders and Sweepers for Construction Sites.

With its articulated steering and four wheel drive, the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck is a maneuverable and versatile tool on construction sites.

  • Kehrmaschine GSX 2000
  • Uni-Truck Pflasterbordsteinzange
  • Uni-Truck Schaufel
  • Uni-Truck Stapler für Bausteine

Whether it’s as a highly maneuverable all terrain forklift, getting down to work as a shovel loader, as a paving stone laying machine with a pavement clamp or a stone clamp tool, the Uni-Truck always does a professional job.

No need for a special transporter, the multi-function GRÜNIG Uni-Truck can simply be driven from one construction site to the next with an ordinary car trailer. No problem!

GRÜNIG snap-on sweepers can be attached to your construction vehicle in a matter of seconds. With the sturdy GRÜNIG attachment sweeper you can clean the site thoroughly and efficiently, even in extreme situations. It can even handle dried on mud using the special scraper bar.

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GSX 2000

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