GRÜNIG mounted sweeper, Uni-Truck and Sweeping Fox – indispensable helpers in road construction

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  • Uni-Truck Pflasterbordsteinzange
  • Uni-Truck Schaufel
  • Uni-Truck Stapler für Bausteine

If you are looking for a sweeper that can effortlessly take on the extreme operating conditions in road construction, GRÜNIG is the right choice for you. As a German machine and vehicle manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience, we provide you with a powerful mounted or ride-on sweeper for professional large-area cleaning that creates completely new standards in terms of technology, efficiency, maintenance and service life. In addition, our range includes the multifunctional Uni-Truck, which, thanks to a wide-ranging portfolio of attachments, can be used to master a variety of different jobs that arise in road construction or building construction with flying colours. Get an overview of our high-quality machines below.

Sweeping Fox

Sweeping Machine GSO

Sweeping Machine GSW

Sweeping Machine GSX

GRÜNIG supplies the right sweeper for every road construction application

Uni-Truck multifunctional vehicle:

On the construction site – whether for building construction or civil engineering – the articulated, all-wheel drive GRÜNIG Uni-Truck is a manoeuvrable and versatile helper with a large repertoire of solid attachments. In just a few easy steps, the basic model can be converted into a sweeper with side broom, an all-terrain forklift, a shovel loader or for laying paving stones with laying tongs or kerbstone setting tongs for road construction. Transport is also very straightforward: the Uni-Truck can be transported from site to site on a car trailer without any problems and without the need for special transporters.

Attachment sweeper for ostrich carrier vehicles:

GRÜNIG attachable sweepers can be coupled to your existing road construction vehicle, such as wheel loaders of all makes, in seconds – without the need for time-consuming modifications to the carrier vehicle. In no time at all, a GRÜNIG mounted sweeper is ready for use to clean construction sites extremely thoroughly and efficiently – even in extremely dirty conditions. For example, the machine can be equipped with a special dirt scraper bar for compact clay during road construction.

GRÜNIG offers you a multi-faceted selection of different attachment models that can be effortlessly coupled to all common wheel loaders. Take a look at our range of mounted sweepers. We will be happy to help you find the right model for your needs.

Sweeping fox from GRÜNIG:

If no carrier vehicle is available and a pure “stand-alone” sweeper is required for uncompromising cleaning in road construction, the GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox is the first choice. It consistently picks up any type of sweeping debris without residue and is characterised by particularly easy handling, which is why it can also be operated by inexperienced drivers. Due to the oscillating parallelogram suspension of the sweeping roller, this ride-on sweeper is ideally equipped for work on uneven terrain – as is common in road construction, civil engineering or even building construction.

Quality “Made in Germany”: Advantages of GRÜNIG sweepers

Why GRÜNIG? Because a GRÜNIG sweeper can do more than the average and shows its full potential where other makes give up. It deals extremely thoroughly and efficiently with all types of debris, whether coarse or fine-grained, and thanks to the special cleaning technology, which does not require filters or suction, it does not even stop at wet or muddy debris – a real advantage over a vacuum sweeper. Even the most stubborn dirt from uneven floors, corners, walls or facades is reliably removed. A GRÜNIG sweeper is therefore virtually predestined for use in road construction – and of course also in building construction and civil engineering. Furthermore, the integrated full encapsulation enables virtually dust-free cleaning. After the cleaning work, the collected sweepings can easily be disposed of in high waste containers using the lift mast of the carrier vehicle. As you can see: With a sweeper from GRÜNIG, professional large-scale cleaning of construction sites and operational areas is easy!