• GSO 1500
  • GSO Plus 2000
  • GSA 1500

Combination Sweeper

with Debris Container

The GRÜNIG combination sweeper with detachable container can be used with the debris containter as well as without, for instance for snow clearing, or to sweep leaves aside the street.
Within the groups of machines for the combined use you can choose between two models, which operate on an entirely varying sweeping principle. First, there is the GSO series, which operate according to the long-known, proven sweeping principle and secondly the GSV models, which work on the innovative Overthrow Sweeping Principle. This special Sweeping system offers advantages especially in high volume debris, such as autumn leaves, Styrofoam or high amounts of paper waste.
The debris container can be detached from the sweeping unit very easy. Due to the combined use such sweepers offer the flexible use all year round.
GSO 1500

GSO Model

Sweeping Machine GSO 2000 with detachable Debris Container to snap on your forklift, wheel loader, tractor, Unimog or other carrier vehicles.
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GSO-Plus Model

The GSO+ model series is characterised by the hydraulically folding debris container.

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GSO Plus mit Gabelaufnahme
GSA 1500

GSA Model

Sweeping Machine GSA 1500, with detachable debris container, r to snap on your wheel loader, tractor, Unimog or other carrier vehicles. The GRÜNIG product range offers the fitting sweeping machine or container for almost every communal vehicle.

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