Combi sweeper made by GRÜNIG

For clean results all year round

With a GRÜNIG combi sweeper, you benefit from a powerful mounted sweeper that ensures excellent cleaning results all year round. The GRÜNIG combi sweepers can be used both as a self-contained sweeper with a large dirt hopper and as a free-sweeping version to sweep snow, leaves or dirt effortlessly to the side. Depending on the model, the dirt collection container can be folded up hydraulically or detached from the sweeping unit in just a few steps.

GRÜNIG offers the right combi sweeper for every requirement

Within the machine groups for combination use, you can choose between different model series that work according to different tried and tested sweeping principles:

On the one hand, there are the GSO, GSO-Plus and GSA model series. A combination sweeper that belongs to this series works according to the long-known, proven GRÜNIG sweeping principle.

  • GSO 1500
  • GSO Plus 2000
  • GSA 1500
GSO 1500

GSO Model

Sweeping Machine GSO 2000 with detachable Debris Container to snap on your forklift, wheel loader, tractor, Unimog or other carrier vehicles.

GSO-Plus Model

The GSO+ model series is characterised by the hydraulically folding debris container.

GSO Plus mit Gabelaufnahme
GSA 1500

GSA Model

Sweeping Machine GSA 1500, with detachable debris container, r to snap on your wheel loader, tractor, Unimog or other carrier vehicles. The GRÜNIG product range offers the fitting sweeping machine or container for almost every communal vehicle.

Advantages of a GRÜNIG combi sweeper at a glance

In addition to the combined use, the industrial sweepers from GRÜNIG are characterised by the following quality features:

  • Uncompromising cleaning results, even on uneven floors
  • Ready for use in any wind and weather
  • easy handling
  • Particularly solid and durable construction
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Top quality: “Made in Germany
  • attractive manufacturer price.

Like all GRÜNIG mounted sweepers, the Kombi models are compatible with many different carrier vehicles – without the need for major conversions. This means that existing carrier vehicles can be used efficiently during their downtimes, eliminating the need to purchase a stand-alone sweeper. A real win-win situation!

Are you interested in a combi sweeper?

Would you also like to benefit from the advantages that a combination sweeper made by GRÜNIG brings? We would be happy to take the time to advise you individually on our product range. Simply get in touch with us – either by e-mail or via our contact form.