Versatile solutions for all tasks on the horse farm

The GRÜNIG Uni-Truck is a carrier vehicle that quickly becomes indispensable due to its universal application possibilities on the entire horse farm.

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  • Schaufel Uni-Truck

Together with the corresponding GRÜNIG attachment, it removes manure from the stables with a shovel or the manure and hay grab arm, transport material, be used with an auger to build pasture fences and sweep the entire yard with an attachment sweeper. The Uni-Truck has proved to be a reliable, efficient and manoeuvrable helper, especially when used in open stables in conjunction with a mounted sweeper. With the attachment of a Grünig sweeper to the Uni-Truck and the manoeuvrability combined with the low weight, a thorough and efficient collection of horse droppings is possible even on the perforated mats frequently used there. The corresponding attachments can be coupled in seconds.

The mounted cutter bar with double knife mower can mow the meadows without picking up the cuttings. Later, the dry hay can be brought into the stables as feed for the horses. A vertical flail mower is also available for the Uni-Truck, with which it is possible to mow / mulch after grazing.

Thanks to its compact external dimensions, low weight and unparalleled off-road mobility and manoeuvrability, the articulated, all-wheel drive Uni-Truck is the ideal machine for use on sensitive, uneven floors and also ideal for working in confined spaces.

The robust and powerful GRÜNIG mounted sweepers thoroughly and efficiently clean the entire interior and exterior yard area. They can be coupled to an existing farm loader or other carrier vehicle in a matter of seconds without the need for conversions to the carrier vehicle.
The Grünig attachment sweeper has proved to be a reliable, efficient and manoeuvrable helper, especially for open stables. A thorough and efficient collection of the horse droppings is possible on the often used perforated mats.

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