GRÜNIG sweeper & multifunctional vehicle – ideal for all work on the horse farm

GRÜNIG has made it its business to design the right sweeper or attachment for the Uni-Truck multifunctional vehicle for every application. Among other things, the German manufacturer offers smart solutions for a number of tasks that arise daily on the horse farm. These are primarily characterised by the following quality features:

  • Horse farm- Grünig
  • Uni-Truck Heugreifer
  • Uni-Truck Schaufel
  • Schaufel Uni-Truck
  • Schaufel Uni-Truck

GRÜNIG sweepers & multifunctional equipment for the horse farm are …

  • easy to use.
  • Particularly efficient and powerful
  • Ready for use at any time – even on wet or uneven ground
  • absolutely solidly built
  • Extremely durable
  • low-maintenance
  • made in Germany

Sweeping Fox

Sweeping Machine GSO

Sweeping Machine GSX

Sweeping Fox

Add-on sweeper for carrier vehicles already present at the horse farm

Are you looking for a pure sweeper for your horse farm that guarantees excellent cleaning results? In this case, GRÜNIG offers high-quality and affordable solutions:

The Grünig mounted sweeper has proven to be a reliable, efficient and manoeuvrable helper, especially in open stabling. On the perforated mats often used there, but also on paved ground, thorough and efficient collection of the horse droppings is possible without any problems.

The robust and powerful GRÜNIG mounted sweepers thoroughly and efficiently clean the entire yard area indoors and outdoors. They are coupled in seconds to an existing yard loader or other carrier vehicle on the farm – without the need for any modifications to the carrier vehicle.

Uni-Truck: yard loader, sweeper, pitchfork & more for the horse farm

Mowing, mucking out, sweeping, transporting hay: These are just a few of the many jobs that horse farm management entails. With the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck you can master all these challenges with just one vehicle. For example, together with the appropriate GRÜNIGattachments, which can be coupled in seconds, the Uni-Truck can muck out stables, transport materials and be used with the soil auger when building pasture fences. A cutter bar with double-blade mower and a vertical flail mower, which can be used for mowing and/or mulching after grazing, are also part of the Uni-Truck range of attachments. The Uni-Truck in combination with a mounted sweeper has proven to be indispensable on the horse farm, especially in open stabling. Thanks to its compact external dimensions, low dead weight and unparalleled off-road mobility and manoeuvrability, the articulated, all-wheel drive Uni-Truck also enables thorough collection of horse droppings or other sweepings where hole mats/paddock mats have been laid or where there are cramped conditions or the ground is uneven.

Another plus point: The GRÜNIG Uni-Truck sweepers have been equipped with a special full encapsulation. This unique technical feature allows the almost dust-free sweeping up of the finest sweepings. This plays an important role on the horse farm, where fine dust from hay and straw is commonplace.

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