Everything for the sweeper: spare parts and co.

At GRÜNIG, we offer comprehensive customer service to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Not only does our sweeper promise the highest quality, our products are also designed for a long life. Should you need spare parts for our product range, please do not hesitate to contact us. We promise quick solutions and convincing service.

Here you will find all the necessary information regarding a request for spare parts and the next steps to get the spare parts you need for your sweeper.


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    Spare part instead of new machine: Have the necessary spare parts for your sweeper delivered to you

    We, too, would like to make a contribution to assuming responsibility in the area of sustainability. Especially in the industry this is indispensable. This is why our sweepers are so versatile and also robust – so that they accompany you for as long as possible during your indoor and outdoor operations. Far too often, products are built and sold knowing full well that they will break after a while. This is not the case with us: our sweepers are designed in such a way that as few parts as possible can break. In this way, we are doing a great service against today’s throwaway society. And should an element in our GRÜNIG sweeper succumb to wear and tear, we already have a spare part in stock for you. So you don’t have to buy the entire machine again, but simply request the spare part from us personally. This is very simple.

    Easy delivery of spare parts for your sweeper

    You need spare parts for your GRÜNIG sweeper? That’s no problem at all with us. Simply fill out the form below and send it off easily and unbureaucratically using the send button. Important: In order to be able to supply you with the correct spare part, it is important to specify the type of sweeper.

    Notice: Your details will be sent to us via e-mail. If sending this form from your computer does not work, please call us directly at +49 (0)6253 20 234-10. You can also send us this form via e-mail sales@gruenig.de or via fax +49 (0)6253 5100. We will then contact you for any further queries.