Sweeper, lawn mower, hedge trimmer & more in one – for beautifully maintained parks

Parks are primarily used for beautification and recreation. To ensure both, regular cleaning of the paths and professional maintenance of the landscaped areas are indispensable. And parks also require special attention in winter, because snow and slippery conditions quickly pose a high risk of injury for visitors. If you have been entrusted with the maintenance of public and private parks, the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck is an excellent choice. Together with the appropriate GRÜNIG attachment, the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck can mow lawns, sweep paths and car parks, perform winter maintenance, transport materials and excavated earth, and much more. The corresponding attachments can be coupled in a matter of seconds. This makes the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck not just a sweeper, but a real all-round talent and absolutely professional in every application! It is these features that quickly make the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck indispensable in leisure and park areas.

  • GSV Laubkehrmaschine
  • Uni-Truck Rasenmäher Park
  • Uni-Truck Schaufel Friedhof
  • Uni-Truck Krautfräse
  • Uni-Truck Winterdienst

GRÜNIG mounted or ride-on sweeper for clean parks

Even if all you need is a high-quality sweeper to clean the parks you have been entrusted with, you won’t be disappointed with GRÜNIG: In addition to the UNI-Truck multi-functional vehicle, you can also purchase first-class attachable sweepers from GRÜNIG that can be effortlessly connected to existing carrier vehicles. If no carrier vehicle is available, the GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox also does an excellent job.

No matter which variant you choose – stand-alone or mounted model: A GRÜNIG sweeper makes no compromises! Even if the terrain of the respective park is uneven or muddy due to the weather, leaves, glass, paper or wood waste, coarse, very fine and wet sweepings are reliably swept up. And thanks to the optional side brush, dirt is also picked up completely from difficult corners and edges into the spacious dirt containers. A special full encapsulation, with which every GRÜNIG sweeper is equipped, ensures virtually dust-free operation.


Sweeping Machine GSW

Sweeping Machine GSO

Sweeping Machine GSX

Sweeping Fox

Sweeping Machine GSV

Snow sweeper, snow blade & salt spreaders: making parks safe in winter

GRÜNIG’s product range also includes efficient winter attachments, such as snow sweepers, snow ploughs and salt and granulate spreaders, made of German quality workmanship, which are indispensable as soon as the first snow falls. These, too, can be attached in seconds to all common carrier vehicles, which in turn can be ideally used during their downtimes. Another advantage: Despite their exemplary “Made in Germany” construction, GRÜNIG winter attachments impress with an extremely attractive price-performance ratio.

GRÜNIG sweeper, winter maintenance machine & multi-vehicle – for parks with feel-good factor

Whether it’s a ride-on sweeper, a multi-functional vehicle or a mounted machine: if you or your company are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of parks and are looking for a machine that will provide you with uncompromising support for all your tasks, the answer is always GRÜNIG. Convince yourself of the quality features that every single GRÜNIG machine has to offer.
Whether for cleaning, winter service or green maintenance: machines from the German manufacturer GRÜNIG are …

  • Solidly made
  • Extremely powerful
  • low-maintenance
  • agile
  • easy to use
  • Ready for use at any time

At the same time, these “Made in Germany” machines remain affordable, because at GRÜNIG you benefit from fair manufacturer prices. If you are undecided about which GRÜNIG industrial machine is the right choice for your individual needs, simply contact us – we will be happy to advise you in detail and, of course, completely without obligation!