Multifunctional equipment for park maintenance

The GRÜNIG Uni-Truck quickly becomes indispensable in parks and leisure complexes thanks to its great versatility as a carrier vehicle.

  • GSV Laubkehrmaschine
  • Uni-Truck Rasenmäher Park
  • Uni-Truck Schaufel Friedhof
  • Uni-Truck Krautfräse
  • Uni-Truck Winterdienst

With the right GRÜNIG snap-on attachment it can be used to mow lawns, sweep paths and parking lots, clear snow and ice, move excavated earth and other material, and much much more. And the Uni-Truck always does a professional job! The right attachment for the task at hand can be connected in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to its compactness, low weight and unparalleled maneuverability, the articulated, four wheel drive Uni-Truck is the perfect tool, especially designed for working on soft and uneven ground and ideal for working in tight spaces.

GRÜNIG snap-on attachment sweepers can be attached to an existing carrier vehicle in a matter of seconds, for instance to a forklift, a utility truck or a variety of other vehicles. These sturdy, low-maintenance sweepers ensure thorough cleaning, even of very dirty surfaces.

GRÜNIG offers snow clearing attachments for use with a variety of carrier vehicles. Whether you need a snow plough, a salt and grit spreader, a snow sweeper, or a snow blower, with these attachments you can get to grips with snow and ice effectively and efficiently.

Multi-purpose vehicle GRÜNIG Uni-Truck


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