Equipment for groundcare and landscaping

GRÜNIG’s Uni-Truck system offers the perfect range of attachments and accessories for groundcare and landscaping, quickly becoming indispensable thanks to its professional quality and its great versatility.

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  • Uni-Truck Heckenschere
  • Uni-Truck Pflasterverlegung
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As a multi-purpose machine that can be used for so many applications, the versatile Uni-Truck can be transformed into a sweeper, a shovel loader, an all-terrain forklift, a lawn mower, a snow clearing machine, a paving machine, a weed tiller, a hole driller, a hedge trimmer, a rotary tiller and much much more in seconds. The right attachment for the task at hand can be connected in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to its compactness, low weight and unparalleled maneuverability, the articulated, four wheel drive Uni-Truck is the perfect tool, especially designed for working on soft and uneven ground and ideal for working in tight spaces.


Sweeping Machine GSX

Sweeping Machine GSO

Sweeping Machine GSV