Attachment Snow Removal Equipment

GRÜNIG has a wide range of snap-on attachment snow clearing equipment for use on a variety of carrier vehicles such as forklifts, construction machinery, Unimogs and utility trucks. The robustness and functional reliability of the attachments, which predestine them for use even in extreme winter conditions, are characteristic features.
All of our snap-on attachment equipment is available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Anbau Winterdienstgeräte Grünig

Snow Blades

GRÜNIG Snow Blades to attach on forklifts, loaders, tractors, Unimogs or many other different carrier vehicles.

See Snow Blades

Snow Sweepers

Snow- and dirt sweepers for the universal attachment on forklifts, wheel loaders, tractors, Unimogs or other carriers.

See Snow Sweepers
Kehrmaschine Multicar
Streuer Stapler

Salt/Grid Spreader

Salt and granular spreaders for attachment to forklifts, loaders, tractors, Unimogs or many other carrier vehicles.

See Salt/ Grit Spreader

Product Specifications

  • Very sturdy and high quality design.
  • Attaches and disconnects in seconds.
  • Attaches to all common carrier vehicles.
  • Professional performance in all winter weather conditions.
  • Easy operation (by remote control from the driver’s seat).
  • Extremely low-maintenance.
  • Durable design.
  • Custom-built accessories available.
  • Outstanding value for money.
  • Outstanding quality “Made in Germany”.