Sweeping and winter service in the public sector

GRÜNIG’s Uni-Truck system is a versatile tool for local communities.

  • GSV Anbaukehrmaschine Gemeinde
  • Kehrmaschine Multicar
  • Kehrmaschine Unimog
  • Uni-Truck Kehrmaschine
  • Uni-Truck Schneekehrmaschine

It demonstrates its versatility in building yards and public facilities such as parks or cemeteries, and in pedestrian precincts or narrow cobblestone streets in historic town centers.

Equipped with the right attachment and thanks to its all-terrain capability courtesy of four wheel drive, the highly maneuverable Uni-Truck can be used for maintenance of all kinds of open spaces, for instance as a sweeper, a lawn mower, for snow clearing, as a shovel loader, an all-terrain forklift truck for material transport and much much more.

A GRÜNIG Uni-Truck really demonstrates its value to local authorities thanks to its great versatility and consequent high level of utilization.

GRÜNIG snap-on attachment sweepers can be attached to an existing carrier vehicle in a matter of seconds, for instance to a wheel loader, tractor or forklift, to an Unimog, an utility truck or a variety of other vehicles. These sturdy, low-maintenance sweepers ensure thorough cleaning, even of very dirty surfaces.


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