Essential: sweeper and winter service used in the public sector

Especially in the cold season, the sweeper and later also the winter service are essential for the functioning of municipalities and communities. Whether it be clearing the mountains of leaves in late autumn or clearing the roads and pavements of snow and ice. To ensure that this work can be carried out easily and conveniently, the sweeper, used by municipalities, comes into play for autumn or winter service. The GRÜNIG Uni-Truck system offers versatile assistance for municipal applications. Whether at the building yard, in public facilities, in parks, in cemeteries, in pedestrian zones or in old town alleys – it easily adapts to these many different conditions according to your needs.

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  • Uni-Truck Kehrmaschine
  • Uni-Truck Schneekehrmaschine

The Uni-Truck system: the versatile sweeper ideal for municipal services

Municipalities and communities need maintenance – no question about it. To keep streets, sidewalks and pedestrian zones free of dirt and debris, a sweeper is needed that can easily drive over the various surfaces and also clean them.

The Uni-Truck system is designed precisely for these many changes in surfaces and conditions. Because: Equipped with the respective attachment, the fully all-terrain and manoeuvrable Uni-Truck can be used for versatile grounds maintenance thanks to its all-wheel drive.

For example, it can be used as a sweeper, a lawn mower, a winter service machine, a shovel loader or an all-terrain forklift for transporting materials. The versatility of the truck is a major plus point in terms of the economic situation for municipalities and communities. Because: According to this, the Uni-Truck is not only versatile in summer, but also in winter. Added to this are the robust and low-maintenance design and the easy handling of the attachment change. This versatility, the associated degree of utilization and the simple, intuitive handling of the machine represent a major advantage for municipalities.


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Practical and versatile: further accessories from GRÜNIG for municipal cleaning

The GRÜNIG Uni-Truck is available in two different versions. These offer much more scope than “just” conversion to a sweeper. Do you need a snow plough blade, a salt and granulate spreader or a snow blower or shovel? None of this is a problem. The basic Uni-Trucks provide the starting point for the various GRÜNIG attachments, which can be coupled to the carrier vehicle in seconds. The robust and low-maintenance sweepers guarantee thorough cleaning – even when extremely dirty. The basic version as well as the attachment accessories offer the highest quality according to German standards.