High-quality sweepers from German production

For a representative appearance as well as more safety and cleanliness on your company premises or public places, you need a sweeper that does more than others. Whether fine dust, leaves, wood, glass, metal and paper waste: Thanks to their unique sweeping technology, GRÜNIG sweepers reliably and completely pick up any kind of dirt – even large lumps of dirt such as paving stones or other extreme operating conditions are easy for our powerful machines!

GRÜNIG sweeper for highest performance requirements

GRÜNIG sweepers clearly stand out from the competition thanks to their essential product features. Their unsurpassed sweeping principle in terms of sweeping performance, robustness and ease of use makes any conventional vacuum sweeper look old-fashioned. You too can benefit from the exemplary GRÜNIG technology made in Germany! Get an overview of our product range and choose a sweeper that fully meets your requirements.

Kehrmaschine Kehr-Fuchs

The ride-on sweeper Sweeping Fox

The Sweeping Fox sweeper represents a completely new generation of self-propelled sweepers for large area cleaning.
The Sweeping Fox shows its full performance potential with extremely heavy contamination, very coarse, heavy and wet sweeping material – with requirements where other sweepers, especially vacuum sweepers, have to give up : precise and thorough cleaning, large area performance and an enormous debris container.

Attachment Sweepers

GRÜNIG attachment sweepers can be used outdoors and indoors. They are able to clean dirty, muddy or encrusted concrete floors, asphalt or plastic floors, embedded rails and cobblestones thoroughly and efficiently.
The attachment sweepers can be divided into three main model worlds: Self-propelled sweepers with debris containers, free sweeping dirt sweepers and snow sweepers or combination sweepers.

GSB 1500
GSV 1200

Uni-Truck – The multi-purpose vehicle

The all-wheel drive Uni-Truck basic unit forms the basis of the Uni-Truck system and is a manoeuvrable, robust and easy-to-operate machine that can handle a wide range of tasks according to your individual requirements and with the corresponding attachment.
In no time, this off-road helper becomes a professional sweeper for sweeping large areas such as sidewalks, communal areas or company premises. From fine dust to the coarsest dirt, all debris is picked up almost dust-free in the integrated debris container. Even where sweepers fail, the Uni-Truck is in its element.
The free sweeping machines, which are also available as attachments for the Uni-Truck, can be used for snow sweeping in winter.
By changing the attachments, the Uni-Truck can also be used as an all-wheel-drive compact truck, wheel loader or even a green area maintenance machine, making it the ideal machine for gardening and landscaping. Many other attachments make further application possibilities possible, where the Uni-Truck can compete with the best special machines in every application function.

Good reasons to choose a robust sweeper from GRÜNIG

A sweeper that bears the name GRÜNIG convinces with a number of significant advantages. Among other things, these are …

  • robust construction
  • fully hydraulic drive
  • low maintenance costs
  • automatic sweeper roller adjustment
  • efficient, powerful and economical cleaning
  • self-absorbing sweeping, as well as with or without removable dirt container
  • nearly dust-free working
  • Applicability even with extreme soiling or moisture
  • fathomable cleaning, even in uneven ground
  • Connection to all common carrier vehicles
  • coupled within seconds
  • no conversions on the carrier vehicle necessary
  • many optional extras possible
  • long-life and quasi maintenance-free construction
  • outstanding quality: “Made in Germany”
  • more powerful than vacuum sweepers

Despite these decisive advantages over other manufacturers, we can offer you a robust original GRÜNIG sweeper at an extremely attractive price. So contact us directly if you want to take advantage of the performance potential of our high-quality sweeping technology products.

Areas of Application

Construction Sites - Grünig

Construction Sites

Material Trade - Grünig

Material Trade

Cement Works - Grünig

Cement Works

Chemie - Grünig


Roofing - Grünig


Service Providers- Grünig

Service Providers

Friedhofspflege - Grünig

Cemetery Maintenance

GaLaBau - Grünig

Groundcare and Landscaping

Beverages Industry - Grünig

Beverage Industry

Uni-Truck für Werkhof


Timber Yards - Grünig

Timber Yards

Industriebetrieb - Grünig


Kommunen - Grünig

Public Sector

Park Maintenance - Grünig

Park Maintenance

Recyclingindustrie - Grünig

Recycling Industry

Tierpark und Landwirtschaft - Grünig

Wildlife Parks and Farming

Paper and Pulp Industry - Grünig

Paper and Pulp Industry

Horse farm- Grünig

Horse Farm

Materialverarbeitung - Grünig

Metal Processing

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