• Uni-Truck Elektro
  • Uni-Truck Elektro
  • Uni-Truck Elektro

Uni-Truck 4 W 1005 Electro

The multi-purpose vehicle Uni-Truck offers versatile possibilities for user in trade and industry, by local authorities and contractors, in landscape gardening, agriculture and even in road construction. The Uni-Truck is available in two basic models. For each model are various features available.


  • Vielseitigkeit
  • kompakte Bauweise
  • sehr gute Geländeeigenschaften
  • Multifunktionsfahrzeug
  • über 50 Anbaugeräte
  • Wendigkeit
  • individuell konfigurierbar
  • Sommer wie Winter einsetzbar
  • Kundenspezifische Sonderanfertigungen
  • Effizienz
  • Hubmast für kompakte Bauweise
  • Maximale Hubleistung über den kompletten
  • Hubbereich
  • Intuitive Bedienung
  • Sekundenschneller Anbaugerätewechsel
  • Wirtschaftlichkeit
  • Multifunktional einsetzbar
  • Robuste Bauweise
  • Geringe Unterhaltskosten
  • Geringe Betriebskosten
  • Sicherheit
  • Optimale Rundumsicht
  • Optimale Stabilität
  • Robuste Bauweise

Technical Information

4 W 9054 W 10054 W 1005 Elektro
Length2350 mm2640 mm2640 mm
Width (with regular tires)1020 mm (1200 mm*)1280 mm (1360 mm*)1280 mm (1360 mm*)
Height2030 mm2080 mm2080 mm
Inside turning radius1000 mm1300 mm1300 mm
Wheelbase1350 mm1550 mm1550 mm
Controlarticulated pendulum jointarticulated pendulum jointarticulated pendulum joint
Weight (base unit)1100 kg1680 kg1680 kg
Max. Lifting load700 kg1200 kg1200 kg
Lifting Height1,6 / 2,0 m1,6 / 2,0 /2,5 m1,6 / 2,0 /2,5 m
Engine performance15-19 kW18-27 kW17 kW
Max. Speed15 km15 km15 km
Drive unithydrostatichydrostatichydrostatic
Drive axlefour-wheelfour-wheelfour-wheel
Work hydraulics delivery rate32 l/min32 l/min32 l/min
Work hydraulics pressure230 bar230 bar230 bar
On-board voltage12 Volt12 Volt12 Volt
Width specifications are measured with standard tyres, length specifications without attachments, and height specifications with 2.0 m lifting mast.
(All specifications are approximate and non-binding. We reserve the right to make changes in the interest of technical development.)

For each version of the Uni-Truck basic unit are various features available:

High Performance Kit Engine
Engine with larger displacement (1000 cm3 on 4W905, 1100 cm3 on 4W1005/1200 kg)

High Performance Kit Engine
4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine with larger displacement (1500 cm3 on 4W1005/1200 kg)

Differential Lock for Rear Wheels
can bei actuated by a foot pedal

Catalytic Converter for Diesel Motor
for operation of the Grünig Uni-Truck in indoor applicatons

High Performance Front Hydraulic Package (Hand-operation)

independent extra hydraulic circuit with proportional valve control system

High Performance Front Hydraulic Package (Foot-operation)
independent extra hydraulic circuit with proportional valve control system, foot operated, highly recommended for operation with pavement clamp

High Performence Rear Hydraulic Package
independant extra hydraulic circuit with proportional valve control system, incl. Hydraulic connection at the rear of the Grünig Uni-Truck

2 m Lifting Capacity

2.30 m Lifting Capacity (standard 1.60 m)

only  feasible for  Uni-Truck model 4 W 1005/1200 kg, for safety reasons the maximum lifting capacity is reduced  to 1000 kg with this option

Double Action Lifting Mast

Wheels with Tractor Tread
for Uni-Truck 4 W 905
for Uni-Truck 4 W 1005/1200 kg

Wheels with Lawn Tread
for Uni-Truck 4 W 905
für Uni-Truck 4 W 1005/1200 kg

Drivers Canopy

Drivers Cabin

Cabin Heating and Ventilation System

Stereo Radio with Cassette Player and two Loudspeakers
(for Uni-Truck with Drivers Cabin)

Windshield washer for cabin and two extra headlights

Two additional headlights

Comfort Seat

Adaption of the hydrostatic pedals
for forward/ rearward driving to the individual driver’s requirements

Complete Headlamp and Flashlight Kit

Flash Light

Utility Basket for transporting small items:
Dimensions of loading platform 82 x 60 cm for  Uni Truck 4W905
Dimensions of loading platform 82 x 88 cm for Uni Truck 4W1005, bolted onto engine hood; Uni Truck 4W1005 manually folding

Counter Weight (per unit)
for all Uni-Truck models:

to be mounted on the rear of the Uni-Truck, weight per unit appr. 30 kg, required for forklift or shovel operation

for 4 W 1005/1200 kg: integrated in the rear of the Uni-Truck, weight appr. 80 kg

Pallet Forks
80 cm length
100 cm length

  • Sweeping
  • Winter maintenance
  • Transport
  • Green area maintenance
  • Excavation

Attachment Sweepers

Kehrmaschine Multicar
GSX 2000
Timber Yards - Grünig