Cemetery Maintenance with the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck

In cemeteries it is often required to work under confined conditions. The compact GRÜNIG Uni-Truck is extremely manoeuvrable thanks to its articulated pendulum joint and fully suitable for off-road use thanks to its all-wheel drive.

  • Bewässerungssystem Uni-Truck
  • Gitter Container Uni-Truck
  • GSW Uni-Truck

The GRÜNIG Uni-Truck, due to its low weight, is ideally suited to work on cemeteries, even on soft ground.

By using a variety of snap-on attachments, the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck is able to do many of the jobs that need to be done in a cemetery. It can clean paths and parking lots with the snap-on attachment sweeper, or take care of the grass areas, shrubs and trees with its front mower, hedge trimmer and other attachments. It can dig graves and even transport the excavated material to an interim storage site using special containers, and in the winter it can be used for snow clearing. Fitted with the special clamp tool the Uni-Truck is even able to set gravestones.

If you already have containers made by other manufacturers, these can be used by the Uni-Truck too. No problem! GRÜNIG can provide adapters for a wide variety of container designs.


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