• GSV Uni-Truck Anbaukehrmaschine
  • GSV Uni-Truck Anbaukehrmaschine

Sweeper with Debris Container


The snap-on Sweeping Machine of the GS-Vario model series for Uni-Truck are a real jumbo in their class and designed for the  use of voluminous sweepings such as leaves and paper. Working width 1.20 and 1.50 m. This extremely powerful sweeper works according to the overhead sweeping principle, which almost doubles the filling level of the dirt container. The hydraulic hopper emptying system simplifies work.

Technical Details

GSV-1200 UT GSV-1500 UT
Working Width 1200 mm 1500 mm
Debris Container Capacity 300 330
Sweeper Roller diameter 600 mm 600 mm
Overall width 1390 mm 1690 mm
Length 1430 mm 1430 mm
Height 740 mm 740 mm
Weight (Base Unit) 375 440
Side broom left/right optional optional
Water spraying unit optional optional
Hydraulic unit optional optional

Carrier Vehicles

Uni-Truck 4W905
Uni-Truck 4W1005
(Specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.)

Available Snap-On Adapters to GRÜNIG Attachment Sweeper:

Tilting device for GS-Vario
for combined use also as free sweeping machine, e.g. for snow removal

Gutter Brush right or left side
for all GSX/GSV-models, broom diameter 600 mm, broom with 50%/50% steel/polypropylene, operation mode and rpm can be controlled independently of the main broom, with separate hydraulic drive unit

Replacement side brush body
made of 100% steel, for environmentally friendly weed removal

Water Spraying Unit 100 Liter
operated with 12 V electric pump, special spraying nozzles for fine water dispersion, includes 100 litre water tank.

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