• GSW Uni-Truck
  • Uni-Truck Winterdienst
  • GSW Uni-Truck
  • Uni-Truck Winterdienst
  • Uni-Truck Winterdienst
  • GSW Uni-Truck

Sweeper without Debris Container – GSW Model

Snap-On GSW snow and dirt sweepers to the Uni-Truck. For free sweeping of heavy, wet debris. Working width 1.20 to 1.80 m. With this snow sweeper you can sweep heavy and wet debris up to a height of 10 cm thoroughly and efficiently to the side. In winter, it is advisable to equip the Uni-Truck with a salt and granulate spreader at the rear to prevent black ice from forming on the cleared areas. In this way you can carry out winter maintenance in a single operation and are well prepared for a hard winter. This machine is characterised by a swinging sweeper roller suspension and an adjustable angle of 30° to the right or left.

Technical Details

GSW-1200 UTGSW-1500 UTGSW-1800 UT
Working Width1200 mm1500 mm1800 mm
Debris Container capacity
Roller Sweeper diameter600 mm600 mm600 mm
Overall width1370 mm1670 mm1970 mm
Length1270 mm1270 mm1270 mm
Height770 mm770 mm770 mm
Weight (Base Unit)250 kg285 kg310 kg
Side Broom left/right
Water spraying unitoptionaloptionaloptional
Hydraulic unit

Carrier Vehicle

Uni-Truck 4W905
Uni-Truck 4W1005
(Specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.)
Lengths and heights are measured with fork mount

Available Snap-On Adapters to GRÜNIG Attachment Sweeper:

  • Hydraulic inclined position for free sweeping snow or dirt sweeping machine, infinitely variable to the right and left, complete with quick-release fasteners
  • Water spraying Unit
  • Snow and dirt sweeper without Debris Container