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  • GSX 1500 Uni-Truck
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  • GSX 1200 Uni-Truck
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Sweeper with Debris Container


The GSX series sweepers for attachment to the Uni-Truck basic model have a working width of 1.20 to 1.50 m and an integrated dirt collection hopper for self-cleaning sweeping.

The pendulum-mounted sweeping roller of this attachment sweeper enables clean sweeping:from uneven ground or from gaps in cobblestone pavement. The Uni-Truck, equipped with a self-receiving sweeper

  • cleans pedestrian precincts and cobblestones in narrow alleys of the old town.
  • Cleansing fairgrounds after street parties.
  • in parks, swimming pools and schools, on university campuses as well as cemeteries and other facilities.
  • Sweeping of parking lots and yards of a factory and industrial area
  • Cleaning of horse stables and cleaning of poultry farms

Technical Details

GSX-1200 UT GSX-1500 UT
Working Width 1200 mm 1500 mm
Debris Container Capacity 240 Liter 260 Liter
Roller Sweeper diameter 600 mm 600 mm
Overall width 1380 mm 1680 mm
Length 1360 mm 1360 mm
Height 760 mm 760 mm
Weight (Base Unit) 370 kg 425 kg
Side broom left/right optional optional
Water spraying unit optional optional

Carrier Vehicles

Uni-Truck 4W905
Uni-Truck 4W1005
(Specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.)

The following range of optional equipment is available for this sweeper:

Hydraulic operation of the emptying mechanism
for the GSX 1200 or GSX 1500 self-propelled sweeper

Side Broom right or left
for GSX/GSV 1200 or 1500, sweeping diameter approx. 600 mm, can be switched on separately, adjustable speed, with own hydraulic drive
Spare side brush
made of 100% steel, for environmentally friendly weed removal

Water spraying Unit
for self-aspirating or free sweeping sweepers, operated with 12 V electric pump, spray bar with fine atomising nozzles, incl. 100 litre water tank on the sweeper

  • Sweeping
  • Winter Maintenance