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Salt and Grit Spreader


alt and granular spreaders for attachment to forklifts, loaders, tractors, Unimogs or many other carrier vehicles.

The GRÜNIG range includes professional spreaders (centrifugal spreaders) with hopper capacities of either 120 or 300 liters. The throughput capacity can be accurately regulated by a control lever. Spreading width is adjustable.

The spreader can also be mounted on the forks of a forklift truck, on its quick coupling system or even onto the back of a carrier vehicle using a jaw or ball-type towing hook.

Regardless of which snow clearing equipment you choose, a salt and granular spreader ensures
the security of your walking and driving the cleared paths, plazas and access areas.
With Grünig winter maintenance attachments you can look forward to the white wonder of hard winters.

hydraulic drive, adjustable pendulum provides highly accurate output across swaths approximately 1 – 9 m wide, hopper volume appr. 260 L, includes hydraulic stir, without mounting adapter for the carrier vehicle

Optional Equipment to Salt / Grit Spreader:

Stir for spreading Salt

Trailer Chassis with two Wheels
including mounting coupler for rear of carrier vehicle

  • Snow Clearing