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Front sickle mower for your GRÜNIG Uni-Truck

You already use the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck to carry out a wide range of tasks and would now like to expand your repertoire of attachments with a model that effectively supports you in the maintenance of green areas? With the front rotary mower for attachment to the Uni-Truck, you can create prestigious lawns in no time at all and cut even large sections to lawn heights between 25 and 120 mm. The floating mower follows the unevenness of the terrain and thus ensures a perfectly even result.

When using a front rotary mower, you should consider the optionally available mulching insert. In addition to the practical benefit of not having to collect the cut grass and constantly empty the collection container, mulching also offers many benefits for your lawn: The clippings left on the ground act like a fertiliser in a natural way, directly returning beneficial nutrients to your lawn. A thick blanket of mulch protects the soil, prevents weed growth and also provides food for beneficial creatures in the soil.

Like all products of the GRÜNIG brand, the front-mounted rotary mower is also characterised by the following quality features: It has an extremely robust design, is particularly powerful, durable and fairly priced.

Technical Details

Front Mower 1,2 mFront Mower 1,5 m
Width1200 mm1500 mm


Uni-Truck 4W905
Uni-Truck 4W1005

(Alle Angaben sind annähernd und unverbindlich. Änderungen im Interesse der technischen Weiterentwicklung vorbehalten.)

Equipment available to this machine:

Tarup-„Mulch“ Front mower 1.20 m
kit for grinding the grass into small pieces

  • Green space maintenance

Perfect complement to the frontisichel mower: lawn vacuum or lawn sweeper

With its innovative Uni-Truck system, the German manufacturer GRÜNIG offers the right solution for every conceivable need in the field of large-scale cleaning and maintenance in proven “Made in Germany” quality. The GRÜNIG Uni-Truck product family offers a wide range of different attachments for universal use, which can be attached to the base vehicle in seconds. However, ease of operation and flexibility are not the only aspects that many users appreciate about the Uni-Truck. Thanks to its solid workmanship, its low maintenance requirements and its exemplary technology and efficiency, the Uni-Truck sets completely new standards in terms of multifunctional vehicles. With these features, it will quickly become an indispensable all-rounder in a number of industries. For example, in gardening and landscaping. And not just because of the front-mounted rotary mower attachment. The Uni-Truck range also includes a powerful grass and leaf vacuum, which can be coupled to the Uni-Truck in addition to the rotary mower. In addition, the Uni-Truck can be steered safely even on wet or uneven terrain, offers perfect protection from wind and rain thanks to the comfortable driver’s cab and feels at home even on sensitive lawns due to its low dead weight. For these applications, it is recommended to equip the Uni-Truck with the special lawn tyres. In addition, attachments that convert the Uni-Truck into a hedge trimmer or weeder complete the range. Perfect for professional gardening and landscaping.

Open questions about the GRÜNIG mounted rotary mower? We are here for you!

The GRÜNIG experts will be happy to advise you if you have any detailed questions about the front rotary mower or the Uni-Truck product family in general. Simply send us an e-mail if you would like personal advice or send us your message via our contact form.