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  • Frontsichelmäher Uni-Truck_185
  • Frontsichelmäher Uni-Truck_185

Front Mower

Front Mower to attach on the Uni-Truck base unit. Cutting width 1.20 m.

Thanks to its low weight, the Uni-Truck is easy on lawns and golf courses. It is the ideal mowing machine for parks and large lawns. The floating suspension of the mower attachment allows it to follow the contours of uneven ground, ensuring a perfect cut.

For these applications it is recommended to equip your Uni-Truck with the special turf tyres.

Technical Details

Front Mower 1,2 m Front Mower 1,5 m
Width 1200 mm 1500 mm
Blades 3 3
Mulching optional optional


Uni-Truck 4W905
Uni-Truck 4W1005

(Alle Angaben sind annähernd und unverbindlich. Änderungen im Interesse der technischen Weiterentwicklung vorbehalten.)

Equipment available to this machine:

Tarup-„Mulch“ Front mower 1.20 m
kit for grinding the grass into small pieces

  • Green space maintenance