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Cemetery Equipment

Individual Applications for the Uni-Truck System

The Uni-Truck basic unit, in combination with our wide range of attachments, will meet your individual application requirements can cope with a wide variety of tasks. This multifunctional system offers new dimensions for the user and is consistently professional in every field of application. Equipped with the appropriate add-on unit, the all-terrain multi talent quickly becomes a compact forklift, a sweeper, a green area maintenance unit, a winter service vehicle, an excavator, a paving stone laying machine and much more.

You can also have your attachment painted in the colour of your choice. For this you can choose between a variety of RAL colours.

Uni-Truck Kehrmaschine

Sweeper with Debris Container GSX-Model

Sweeping Machine GSX with integrated Debris Container to snap on the Uni-Truck base unit. Working width 1.20 m

Sweepers with Debris Container GSV-Model

Combination Sweeping Machine GS-Vario, for Dirt Collection as well as for Snow Removal; “Overhead-Sweeping” Principle for large Debris Volume; extremely high Sweeping Performance even for problematic Debris such as Leaves or Paper. Working width 1.20m to 1.50m

GSV Uni-Truck Anbaukehrmaschine
GSW Uni-Truck

Sweepers without Debris Container GSW-Model

GSW snow and dirt sweepers for attachment to the Uni-Truck. For free sweeping of heavy, wet debris. Working width 1.20 to 1.80 m.

Snow Blades

Snow blade / spring flap blade 1500 for attachment to the Uni-Truck. Working width 1.50m

Uni-Truck Schneeschild
Uni-Truck Granulatstreuer

Salt and Grit Spreader

Salt spreader / granulate spreader for rear mounting on the Uni-Truck. Volume approx. 120 l

Snow Blower

Snow-Blower to snap-on the Uni-Truck. Working width 1.20 m

Uni-Truck Schneeschild
Schaufel Uni-Truck


To Snap-on to the Uni-Truck, there is a choice of light goods shovels, bulk goods shovels and work shovels.