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  • Schneefräse Uni-Truck
  • Schneefräse Uni-Truck

With the mounted snow blower through every winter without any problems

Especially those cities and municipalities that are located at higher altitudes are mercilessly exposed to extreme weather conditions. Here, several metres of snow can easily fall within a very short time. These large snow accumulations need to be actively removed in order to restore a little normality to everyday life in the company or municipality. With the help of a snow blower, these masses of snow can be efficiently and easily broken up and pushed aside.

Turn to GRÜNIG as your expert for high-quality products for winter maintenance and equip your four-wheel drive Uni-Truck with an attachable snow blower. Thanks to the robust snow blower and the hydraulic high-performance drive, you are well equipped and of high quality even for severe winters and extreme weather conditions.

Working width 1.20 m, approx. 480 mm cutting drum, hydraulic high-performance drive, suitable for extreme snow conditions, two-axle adjustment of the ejection chute, incl. hydraulic lines and quick-release couplings

The Grünig Uni-Truck with the snow blower attached paves its way effortlessly through the snow thanks to the robust cutting drum and the high-performance hydraulic drive. They are thus ideally equipped even for severe winters.

Winter Maintenance

The mounted snow blower easily withstands even tough conditions

The high-quality GRÜNIG add-on snow thrower is also suitable for winter service in driving larger masses of snow. In addition, the add-on snow thrower incorporates a great deal of know-how and further technical skill: for optimum manoeuvrability, the thrower is attached particularly close to the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck via the quick-change device.

These are the other advantages that the mounted snow blower offers you:

  • Working width of 1.20 m and 1.40 m
  • 480 mm thick milling drum
  • Hydraulic high-performance drive – ideally suited for extreme snow conditions
  • Two-axis adjustment of the discharge chute – you decide where the snow lands.

Another practical advantage: Like all other attachments, the mounted snow blower can be attached to and removed from the Uni-Truck in no time at all. This means you are quickly ready for use in different areas. And the best thing about it: You can use the Uni-Truck individually in summer as well as in winter. This makes the multifunctional vehicle particularly attractive for municipalities to purchase.

Not only practical for winter maintenance: the GRÜNIG Uni-Truck

The GRÜNIG Uni-Truck is not only a suitable vehicle for winter maintenance. Thanks to more than 50 different attachments, the Uni-Truck is a multifunctional vehicle that can be used across all sectors. Whether it is used for winter maintenance thanks to the attached snow blower or, for example, on the horse farm: the Uni-Truck from GRÜNIG offers a wide range of different applications. Let our team of experts advise you – contact us today by phone or via the contact form!