GSO Model

The Uni-Truck system offers universal possibilities for users in industry and trade, for municipalities or service industries, in gardening and landscaping, in road construction and in agriculture. The Uni-Truck is available in two basic versions. Various additional equipment is available for each basic version.

  • GSO Schmutzkasten demontiert
  • GSO 1500
  • GSO 1500
  • GSO 1500
  • GSA 1500

Technical Details

Working Width1200 mm1500 mm2000 mm2300 mm2600 mm
Debris Container capacity240 Liter260 Liter305 Liter350 Liter410 Liter
Sweeping roller diameter600 mm600 mm600 mm600 mm600 mm
Overall width **1450 mm1750 mm2250 mm2250 mm2850 mm
Length1950 mm1950 mm1950 mm1950 mm1950 mm
Height990 mm990 mm990 mm990 mm990 mm
Weight (base unit)410 kg475 kg570 kg625 kg770 kg
Debris container foldable/detachable
free sweeping / inclining possible
Side broom right/leftoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Water spraying unitoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Hydraulic unitoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional

Carrier Vehicles

Forklift *(✓)(✓)
Wheel loader *
Skid steer loader *(✓)(✓)(✓)
Telescopic Loader *
Tractor *
Unimog *(✓)(✓)
Municipal vehicles*(✓)(✓)
(Specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.)
Lengths and heights are measured with fork mount
*depending on lifting capacity and vehicle width

Available Snap-On Adapters to GRÜNIG Attachment Sweeper:

Snap-On Adapter for Forklifts and Wheel-Loaders with Pallet Forks
mounting adapter for attaching the GSX/GSO/GSW sweeping machines to the pallet forks of a forklift or wheel-loader.

Snap-On Adapter for Quick-Change Coupler of a Wheel-Loader
available for wheel-loaders of almost any make and model.

Snap-On Adapter for Compact-Loader
available for compact-loaders of almost any make and model.

Snap-On Adapter for Front-Triangle of Tractors
for mounting a GSX/GSO/GSW sweeping machine to the front-triangle of a tractor.

Snap-On Adapter for Front/Rear Three-Point Hitch of Tractors
for front or rear mounting of a GSX/GSO/GSW sweeping machine to the three-point hitch of a tractor

Snap-On Adapter for Front-Attachment to an Unimog
for the front mounting of a GSX/GSO/GSW sweeping machine to an Unimog on request

Hydraulic – Lifting – Unit for Unimog
lifting height appr. 50 cm, fits to Snap-On Adapter for an Unimog and lifts the Grünig sweeper up for the opening and emptying of the debris container on request

Lifting mast for high dump emptying
for GSX/GSO-1200, GSO/GSX-1200 400l and GSX 1500
emptying hight 1.60 m, necessary is another free hydraulic control circuit for the lifting mast

Lifting mast for high dump emptying for GSX/GSO-1500/500 or GSX/GSO-2000
more sturdy version of lifting mast, like lifting mast for GSX/GSO1200-1500

2 m lifting capacity of Lifting mast instead of 1.60 m

Pallet Forks for Lifting mast
necessary for lifting mast (the sweeping machine must be equipped with the Snap-On Adapter for Forklifts)

Supporting wheels for Lifting mast
in purpose of weight reduction of the sweeper in combination of the lifting mast

Optional Equipment to GRÜNIG Attachment Sweeper

Gutter Brush right or left side
for all GSX-models, broom diameter 600 mm, broom with 50%/50% steel/polypropylene, operation mode and rpm can be controlled independently of the main broom, with separate hydraulic drive unit

Collision Protection for Gutter Brush
massive steel frame to protect the gutter brush

Water Spraying Unit 100 Liter
for all GSX-GSW models, operated with 12 V electric pump, special spraying nozzles for fine water dispersion, includes 100 litre water tank

Water Spraying Unit 200 Liter
Water Pump with 24 Volt (instead of 12 Volt)

Skraper for the removal of encrusted mud and loam for all GSX/GSO/GSW-Models,
with tough steel segments, to be used on asphalt and construction grounds, removable

Broom made of 100 % steel wire
for all GSX/GSO/GSW-Models, instead of the standard broom made of 50/50% Steel-/Polypropylene

Hydraulic Gasoline Power Unit
optional drive unit for all GSX-GSW models , robust one cylinder, 8,5 KW (11 HP) Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine with electric starter, mounted on the top of the sweeping machine, with motor hood, including the hydraulic pump and oil tank

Hydraulic Diesel Power Unit
optional drive unit for all GSX-GSW models, robust one cylinder, 8,0 KW (10 HP) Kubota diesel engine with electric starter, mounted on the top of the sweeping machine, noise-encapsulated, with motor hood, including the hydraulic pump and oil tank

Remote Control for Hydraulic Diesel Power Unit and Water Spraying Unit

Hydraulic Electric Power Unit
optional drive unit for all GSX models, 8 KW electric motor, available for 24/48 or 8o V electric forklifts, with connecting cables for forklift, mounted on top of the sweeping machine, including the hydraulic pump and oil tank

Hydraulically actuated Debris Release Lever for GSB/GSX/GSO-Models without Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulically actuated Debris Release Lever for GSB/GSX/GSO -Models with Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Angular Adjustment (GSO/GSW-Models) including hydraulic adapters

High efficiency Oil-Divider
“gear-type” oil divider, necessary if the carrier vehicle generates an oil-flow of 110 litre/min or more, the oil-divider allows the return of the excessive oil flow to the oil tank of the carrier vehicle without generating excessive heat, includes the equipment of the sweeper with oil-pipes with bigger diameter

Special Heavy Duty Wheels
for theGSX/GSO/GSW-1200,GSX-1500,GSX-2000 and 2300 Model instead of the standard wheels, special rim with increased load capability, steel-reinforced tire made of a special low-wear plastic material

Special Varnishing
there is a choice of numerous colors (standard color: bright red)

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