In times of Corona the negative news outweigh the negative news. The beautiful things in the world unfortunately take a back seat.

A beautiful sound of engines makes many people’s hearts beat faster, especially with such vehicles as a Ferrari F40 and a Porsche 959, which are called “exotics”.

In this trio, the Uni-Truck from Grünig Industriemaschinen GmbH is probably the vehicle that can still be called exotic even in the circle of the most noble and rare super sports cars. The multifunctional vehicle is a unique 5.0 liter V8 gasoline naturally aspirated engine, whose idea was born by Mr. Ingfried Grünig, the founder and owner of Grünig Industriemaschinen during a cosy get-together with like-minded friends – all with gasoline in their blood.

As with the two super sportsmen from Ferrari and Porsche, this idea quickly matured into a very concrete vision. “The best car in the world” was Enzo Ferrari’s vision at the time. A V8 engine should get the Uni-Truck, that was quickly clear. The Uni-Truck as a multifunctional vehicle should also remain fully functional and suitable for continuous operation, just like the Seien model.

But not just any V8-engine should be used, but the most built engine of the world should be installed in the rear of the Uni-Truck.
A “Chevy Small Block” was soon concerned, and the project quickly took shape.

The optics and sound should of course not be ignored to get a coherent overall impression. With a lot of commitment from every single employee, especially from the department “Special Machine Construction”, the vision was quickly transformed into a fully operational Uni-Truck with V8 power and a lifting capacity of over 1,000 kg, which meets even the highest Grünig quality standards “Made in Germany”.

In the company’s own showroom and at trade fairs the enthusiasm of the visitors was so great that the management decided to launch a limited small series of 5 vehicles. Orders are accepted with immediate effect. Offers are available on request.

For further information please contact us at or by phone 06253/202340