A roaring review of the BAUMA Munich 2019 – The Grünig Uni-Truck special model with the powerful 5.0 litre Chevy V8 Small Block

Our fully functional Uni-Truck special model with the built-in Chevy V8 engine and its powerful and unmistakable sound (blubber-blubber-blubber-wroooam wroooam-wrooam!) might well have been the crowd favourite and was most certainly one of the most unique attractions of this year’s construction machinery trade fair in Munich.

As soon as the V8 engine was started, our stand filled up in a matter of seconds with numerous trade fair visitors, exhibitors and trade fair staff. The classic V8 sound, which definitely became a very rarely heard sound, impressed and thrilled both young and old. For many it was pure nostalgia, pleasant music in the ears or simply beautiful memories of good old times…. For the younger visitors it might have felt like a visit to a tech museum. Being a pleasure for all senses, starting with the beautiful sight on the shining open engine block, to the unique sounds, the feeling of the vibrations and the combination of different smells. Last but not least, aficionados of technology and German engineering were not neglected. “It is rare to see such a technical masterpiece created by the Grünig Industriemaschinen team”.

Experience our Uni-Truck special model in action, for example at a demonstration in combination with one of our high-performance attachment sweepers. The V8-Uni-Truck special model is produced in a limited series of only 10 vehicles.

Identical to the production model, the all-wheel drive V8 basic unit forms the basis of the Uni-Truck system and represents a manoeuvrable, robust and easy-to-operate working machine, which can cope with a wide variety of tasks according to your individual application requirements and with the appropriate attachment. The all-terrain helper is ideally suited as a compact forklift, sweeper, green area maintenance unit, winter service vehicle, excavator, paving stone laying machine and much more…

In addition to all its functions, the special model is also the perfect advertising medium for your company. It can be used in showrooms, on company premises, construction sites or at demonstrations, trade fairs and exhibitions. Painted in the company colors, the V8 Uni-Truck will definitely catch the attention of your audience and increase the brand awareness of your company.