Sweeper and attachment sweeper in the materials trade

A lot of dust and dirt accumulates in the materials trade, which can be removed thoroughly and efficiently with a GRÜNIG attachment sweeper with debris container or the GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox.

  • KF 1500
  • GSB 1500
  • Uni-Truck Schaufel
  • GSE 1500

These robust and powerful sweepers have a fully hydraulic drive and can be coupled in a matter of seconds to an existing vehicle, such as an existing wheel loader or forklift truck. This allows the carrier vehicle to be used to clean the factory premises or other paved areas, as well as adjacent streets or squares, while the vehicle is at a standstill.

The GRÜNIG Sweeping Fox self-propelled ride-on sweeper is an ideal alternative for building materials dealers if no carrier vehicle is available or full-time use is planned. The Kehr-Fuchs offers precise and thorough cleaning combined with a large area capacity and an enormous filling volume and low operating costs.

Sweeping Fox

Sweeping Machine GSB

Sweeping Machine GSX

Sweeping Machine GSE