Buy a sweeper, what does it matter?

Before buying a sweeper, professional advice is elementary

Not all sweepers are the same. Although the name “sweeper” is used every day, there is a lot more behind it.
The sweeper is an inconspicuous companion and can be found practically everywhere in all variants. Whether as ride-on sweeper or attachment sweeper, it makes life easier for us, frees our time for other tasks and helps to keep our working area and living space clean. Especially when cleaning large surfaces, the sweeping machine is indispensable. Its areas of application are as varied as the machines themselves.

Purchase the right sweeper

The variety comes to the fore at the latest before the purchase of a sweeper. At this stage in particular, there are a number of points to bear in mind when purchasing the RIGHT sweeper. The cheapest, most expensive, most powerful or most complex sweeper is not always the best solution if it is used incorrectly. If the machine does not correspond to the existing conditions, this can lead to high acquisition, operating and/or maintenance costs, inefficiencies and an unsatisfactory sweeping result. Professional advice before buying a sweeper is therefore essential.

The broad and deep know-how, combined with Grünig Industriemaschinen’s many years of experience in the field of sweeping machines, leads to the fact that first of all the existing conditions are always exactly asked for before the suitable model is offered. Important information for the selection of sweepers is the reference points for the sweeping good, the field of application, the industry and soil condition, as well as economic factors. Once the appropriate model type has been defined, the machine is configured to your requirements and, if necessary, to special situations.

The result: Choosing the right sweeper leads to optimum sweeping results, saves time and resources and reduces operating and maintenance costs over many years.

Self-propelled sweeper (Sweeping fox)

The GRÜNIG Sweeping-Fox ride-on sweeper represents a completely new generation of self-propelled sweepers for cleaning large areas. It shows its full performance potential in applications where other sweepers, especially vacuum sweepers, have to give up.

Towed sweeper for carrier vehicles (in this case Uni-Truck)

Grünig mounted sweepers are suitable for outdoor and indoor use and can be coupled in seconds to forklifts, wheel loaders, tractors, municipal vehicles, telescopic handlers, skid-steer loaders, yard loaders or almost any other carrier vehicle. The attachment sweepers can be divided into three main model worlds: Sweepers with Debris Container, Ride-On Sweeper and snow sweepers or combi sweepers.