The GRÜNIG winter maintenance equipment comprises a wide range of attachments

Order now and look forward to the white wonder of winter.

Grünig has the right attachments for practically all carrier vehicles and pick-up devices. Characteristic is the robustness and functional reliability of the equipment. They prove themselves in all situations, even in professional continuous use or in extreme snow conditions.

The snow blade or snow plough for a lot of snow

The GRÜNIG snow plough or blades can be attached with the pallet fork or quick-change device, the front triangular or three-point attachment, as well as with the equipment plate of the Unimog. Other special holders are available on request. Depending on the track width and power of the working vehicle, snow plough blades are available in widths from 1.50 m to 2.40 m. The robust snow ploughs are ideal for a lot of heavy snow and will carry out your winter maintenance work up to a snow height of 0.75 m.

Detailed description of snow-blades

Snow blade with lifting forks

Snow blade with lifting forks

Snow sweepers for up to 8 cm of snow

In regions where there is rarely more than 8 cm of snow, the whisk is the most efficient choice of all winter service equipment. Like the snow plough, the snow sweeper can be fitted with pallet forks, the quick-change device, the front triangular or three-point attachment or the Unimog’s equipment plate. It is available in widths from 1.20 m to 2.60 m in various configurations.

A snow sweeper for all four seasons? Grünig has the solution!

Another great advantage of this attachment is that the machine can be used all year round. It can also be used as a fully functional and highly efficient sweeper from spring to autumn. Quickly and easily replace the whisk with a road sweeper roller and the pure winter service machine becomes a powerful cleaning machine for cleaning large areas such as warehouses, company premises, roads and car parks.

Due to the combined application possibilities, the attachment is extremely economical, as only one device instead of two has to be purchased. This saves a lot of money and you regain valuable parking space. Then the device can be used in all four seasons of the year, so that it does not stand around uneconomically and unused ¾ of the year. Last but not least, it increases the efficiency of the operating hours. Fast and efficient cleaning with the sweeper saves valuable working time, which in turn is available for other profitable orders.

Detailed description of the Snow Sweepers

GRÜNIG Snow Sweeper

Combi-sweeper for winter road clearance operations

Salt and granulate spreaders against frost, ice smoothness and freezing cold

In many regions, winter does not always show itself in its white splendour, but also brings frosty and icy roads, sidewalks, company premises, parking lots with it.

Regardless of which snow plough you choose, a salt and granulate spreader provides additional safety for the cleared areas.

Depending on the carrier vehicle, the salt and granulate spreaders can be mounted at the front or in combination with another snow plough at the rear of the working vehicle. Grünig offers suitable solutions for practically all common carrier vehicles and pick-up devices.

Detailed description of salt and granulate spreaders

Mounting with the lifting forks at the front of the carrier vehicle