Spring and summer time – busy time in gardening and landscaping –
Gaining time with the multifunctional vehicle “Uni-Truck” from GRÜNIG

Every year the same thing in green, in the truest sense of the word. The temperatures rise, the first buds sprout and everything starts to grow. So does the need for people to spruce up their gardens and parks for the warm season.

At the latest when the first dandelion appears, the phone rings incessantly and the diary fills up in no time. Everyone needs a gardener at the same time, here and now. Late requests have to be put off for weeks, or cannot be accepted at all. The diary is full, the capacity is exhausted. Too bad about the beautiful projects.

And apart from the actual gardening work, the whole volume of work around it also increases. Writing offers and invoices, ordering and collecting materials, etc…. The working hours increase daily with the hours of sunshine. No more enjoying your own garden and relaxing.

Your question is: How can I free up more labour capacity? Is there a solution to do the work faster, more efficiently and with less effort without compromising quality?

Answer: Yes, here is the solution!
Namely the Grünig Uni-Truck System. The robust multi-purpose vehicle from Grünig that fully meets the requirements of all gardening and landscaping work. Individually and practically applicable for all tasks, thanks to a variety of different attachments. The Uni-Truck is a light, manoeuvrable and easy-to-operate work vehicle. Depending on the application, this all-terrain helper can be used as a compact forklift, mower, mulch machine, sweeper, grass and leaf vacuum cleaner, excavator, material transporter, soil auger and much more.

Thanks to the multifunctional vehicle from Grünig and the compatible attachments, you immediately save valuable working hours on every job. And not only in the actual main work, but already in the whole administrative “rat’s tail” that every job entails. For example, the time-consuming search, rental, collection, booking and payment of rental vehicles and machines is completely eliminated. Simply load the Uni-Truck onto the trailer and drive off.

The acquisition of a Uni-Truck not only saves time, but is also financially attractive. Instead of having to charge customers for renting external machines that you don’t even earn anything from, you can now charge them for the time they spend using your own machine. This may even be a little cheaper for the customer, but in any case there will be an additional profit for yourself.

And because that wasn’t enough advantages, there are even more on top.

At the latest when all the work has been done, all the shrubs and trees have been cut back ready for winter and winter is slowly setting in, the volume of orders decreases sharply and appointments become less frequent.

How can the free labour capacities in autumn and winter be used sensibly?

Answer: Also with the winterised multi-purpose vehicle Grünig Uni-Truck
Stow away attachments such as mowers and mulchers etc. (take up little space), take out winter service equipment such as snow sweeper, snow blade, salt and granulate spreader and actively support customers and municipalities throughout the autumn and winter with leaf and snow sweeping.

The team at GRÜNIG Industriemaschinen is pleased to put together the Uni-Truck multi-purpose vehicle for gardening and landscaping for you in the best possible way. Once a Uni-Truck, always a Uni-Truck.

Best wishes from the beautiful green Odenwald.