Company area decorated, forecourt cleaned and ready for the holidays?

Satisfied and relaxed into the new year with Grünig machines

The Advent season is in full swing and a lot of things have to be done until the end of the year. Finish orders, set the priorities for the new year, organize the holidays, decorate everything lovingly and last but not least sweep and clean your house, yard and company area.

Every year it is not always stress-free to manage all these tasks in time to be able to enjoy the holidays and the turn of the year in a completely satisfied and relaxed way. And it may be that every year some people have a personal wish list that says: “Wish me an energetic helper who supports me everywhere and at any time, without growling”.

… well, this is exactly what the reliable Grünig sweepers fulfil for their many loyal customers every year! The uninterrupted operational readiness and efficient operation of these sweepers not only give the owner pleasure in the outstanding sweeping result, but also give him valuable time and the satisfaction that all year-end tasks could be completed punctually and thoroughly.

And to all the others who are still on the road this year with a broom or a small hand sweeper and have to do without the fast Grünig helper, Grünig advises to write a new sweeper on the wish list and send it off.

With this in mind, the Grünig Industriemaschinen team would like to thank all of your loyal customers and wish you a relaxing holiday season and a successful new year.

Kind regards from the beautiful Odenwald forest

Your Grünig Industriemaschinen GmbH

Grünig Sweeper-Fox the unsurpassed ride-on sweeper

Sweeping Machines Quality from Germany

Sweeping Machines Quality from Germany

The Sweeping Fox is a self-propelled sweeper for maximum cleaning performance. The very robust and easy to operate ride-on sweeper is ideal for cleaning large areas. Even on uneven floors or cobblestones and with extremely heavy soiling. The Grünig Kehr-Fuchs picks up fine dust, leaves, wood, metal and paper waste just as easily as the large pieces of dirt.
Thorough sweeping results are achieved at all times in wet conditions, where sweepers have to surrender. The fully encapsulated chassis and the optionally available water spray device almost completely prevent the development of dust, even when sweeping fine dust. The dirt container can be emptied into containers, for example. The Kehrfuchs is extremely manoeuvrable, robust and, thanks to the economical Kubota engines and low maintenance requirements, very cost-effective in terms of maintenance costs.

Video: Grünig Sweeping Fox

Green mounted sweeper: The perfect solution for all carrier vehicles

Example: Attachment sweeper GSE with self-propulsion

Example: Attachment sweeper GSE with self-propulsion

Whether self-retracting, free sweeping or combination sweeping, the Grünig mounted sweepers are compatible with practically all common carrier vehicles such as forklifts, wheel loaders, tractors, municipal vehicles, telescopic handlers, skid-steer loaders, yard loaders and can be coupled in seconds.
Depending on the model, these can then be operated via their own drives without a hydraulic connection to the existing carrier vehicle or via the carrier vehicle hydraulics. High sweeping performance and optimum sweeping results are achieved by the automatic sweeping roller adjustment and the large sweeping roller diameter. Grünig mounted sweepers are designed for extremely efficient, powerful and economical cleaning. No conversions to the existing carrier vehicle are necessary and the sweeper can be individually equipped according to requirements. Due to the outstanding quality and robust construction, the cleaning device is practically maintenance-free.

Video: Green GSX
Video: Green GSE
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